R. I. P.: died the ugliest dog in the UK

R. I. P.: died the ugliest dog in the UK
13:26 Today, the Telegraph Photo: Facebook news environment: the dog Died, which was considered the ugliest in the UK.

16-year-old dog, chase, died in the British town of Neath. His owner storm shailer said that shortly before his death, the dog had stopped eating and drinking.

The animal found inflammation of the pancreas.

Shailer said that he had rescued chase from a breeder, keeping animals in horrible conditions. The dog was in bad condition-nothing seen by the right eye and move around in crab.

“Chase was one of a kind dog. It had so much personality. I took it everywhere with me. He just didn’t bother. He loved people and people loved him,” added the dog’s owner.

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We also learned that the dog took third place in the competition of the ugliest dogs in the world in 2017. First time received a three-year neapolitano named Mar from California.

After the contest the hostess chase signed a contract with modeling Agency Model Direct, which cooperates with brands M&S, Disney, MAC, and Pets at Home.

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