Queen of Spain has bared the shoulders in a luxurious dress: photo

Queen Letizia during the reign of Philip VI became a kind of standard of femininity and refinement. Even budget images she easily turns in enchanting. The other day Her Majesty stunned the community is quite spicy dress at a formal event.

The king and Queen of Spain went on another international trip. This time king Philip VI and his lovely wife, Letitia went to Argentina, where already managed to take part in the planned celebrations. In particular, March 26 at the Four Seasons hotel held an official reception, which was organized by the first lady Julian Awad.

For this special evening, Her Majesty decided to break the Royal rules and choose a luxurious dress with bare shoulders. The garment was a rich cherry color that looked very impressive. Luxurious Queen Letizia added pumps, a small clutch, an elegant hairstyle and diamond jewelry.

At the same time, the first lady of Argentina, greeted guests in a stylish mini dress. Brilliant robe shimmered from the flashes and look in the style of Golden Hollywood. A sophisticated look she added heels and simple makeup.

The Royal family of Spain in Argentina / Instagram / @juliana.awada

Queen Letizia and first lady of Argentina / Getty Images

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