Putin “Valdai” compared himself with the oligarch from a joke

Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the club “Valdai”, commented on the participation of Ksenia Sobchak in the upcoming elections, but still said nothing about his own plans. “Everything is possible!” stated GDP, responding to the question of whether the next President of the Russian Federation to become a woman. And comparing yourself to the bankrupt an oligarch from a joke, which his wife heard about change of status, promised to love and … miss you a lot.

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If on the Russian economy sanctions, say officials, does not have much influence, with policies increasingly difficult. At least this time, the Kremlin has failed to pick up Vladimir Putin worthy of his level in the company of political heavyweights, traditionally taking part in the annual meetings of the club “Valdai”.

From former heads of state arrived in Sochi only Afghanistan’s President Karzai, although last year there were ex-leaders of the European Union. Other partners GDP became the scientific Director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute ASL Too and founder of Alibaba, the Chinese billionaire Jack MA. He, by the way, this week has already participated in the forum “Open innovations” together with Dmitry Medvedev.

However, the lack of status of the interlocutors did not stop Vladimir Putin’s harsh criticism of the West and of bringing the traditional list of complaints against unfaithful partners.

A large part of his speech, he criticized the United States for the first export of democracy, which led to the collapse of States and armed conflicts in the middle East. Then – for failure to comply with agreements to reduce nuclear weapons.

If Russia has fulfilled all its obligations, America under various pretexts, was limited to much more modest results. “And for that we have complete disregard for our national interests, support of separatism in the Caucasus, the bombing of Yugoslavia and of Belgrade, the invasion of Iraq, etc” – resentfully listed Putin.

However, as they say, you learn from mistakes. From the sad experience of the 90s, the Russian authorities have learned a valuable lesson – with weak partners are not considered. Therefore, to tolerate Russia will always act in a “mirror” of the United States – this applies not only to participation in international treaties, in particular start-3 and RDM, and policy in relation to the media.

“As soon as we see concrete steps that restrict the activities of our media, immediately followed by a mirror response”, – assured the head of the GDP of Russia Today Margarita Simonyan, which Washington threatens the status of “foreign agent” with all the attendant consequences.

The consequence perpetuated by the West of “double standards”, according to Putin, the tensions around Catalonia and Kurdistan. Once, he recalled, Europe and several other States at the request of “big brother Washington” unequivocally supported the secession of Kosovo, and now also in unison criticized the results of the referendums on independence in different parts of the world. “It turns out, some of our colleagues have the right fighters for independence and freedom, and there are separatists who are unable to defend their rights through democratic procedures,” – said the GDP, noting that the “double standards” also worked against the Crimea.

Putin’s speech was observed and a clear disappointment with the administration’s trump, on which he had placed so much hope during last year’s Valdai forum.

The new sanctions package, in the opinion of the President, has one goal – to oust Russia from the European energy markets and to force Europe to switch to more expensive liquefied natural gas from the United States. Such a policy based on selfishness, arrogance, claims to exceptionalism, did not skimp on the epithets of GDP, nothing good will not bring. “As a result we will receive a further increase of tensions and contradictions. In today’s world a strategic advantage impossible at the expense of others”, he warned.

In Soviet times, Washington’s attitude to Moscow, according to Putin, was more respectful – at least no one tore the flags from our diplomatic facilities. However, if Hillary Clinton could hardly be easier….

– It only seems retorted GDP on a replica of one of the participants, And as we say, when it seems – to be baptized!

Putin made clear that Russia will not allow the UN reform scenario trump and will not abandon the right of veto, which was introduced to avoid direct confrontation with the most powerful. “In 2045 to mark the centenary of the UN, it must remain the center of the system of international relations. There is no alternative”, – said the GDP.

Since this year the main topic of the Valdai forum has become a “creative destruction”, at the meeting talked a lot about the current and potential conflicts, trying to understand what new world order? According to club President Andrei Bystritsky, the majority of experts captured the pessimistic mood: “the General feeling that things are extreme times.”

One of the participants said that the most important thing is to avoid war in the next 15 years, another estimated the probability of war on the Korean Peninsula in the 20%. Jack MA added fuel to the fire, Recalling that both world wars were the result of technological revolutions. And now, when the world is building on the verge of a new breakthrough, the threat of another global conflict, of course, exist. “If there is no common enemy, we fight each other. But a common enemy we have is poverty and disease. Better together to deal with them,” he offered his, however, is a utopian solution to Jack MA.

Another traditional meetings of the club “Valdai” theme – about the plans of Vladimir Putin – this time was blurred by the efforts of the moderator. Unlike foreign leading, which is often invited to debate with the participation of heads of state, political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov decided not to embarrass the President direct and pointed questions about the elections and possible rivals, scattered in clumsy compliments.

– Valdai club hard to imagine how we will sit, if you’ll accept another solution – he said, – We used you as a mascot with us!

– Well, you can, and so to invite me, Putin retorted, Or immediately withdraw the allowance as a soldier who was discharged?

It turned out that Lukyanov is experiencing not so much for the expert community, but for the entire world. After all, Putin has become a “pole of evil”, which “consolidates and mobilizes”.

– You need to seriously think about! The world needs you! – appealed to GDP the moderator.

But the President joked: sitting in the hall of the banker Pyotr Aven somehow made him remember the anecdote about the bankrupt billionaire and his wife. (“But Aven-all right!” – afterthought Putin warned)

The oligarch said that, since he was ruined, they will have to sell the Mercedes and buy a Lada, and out of the house on the ruble to move in apartment in Moscow. “But you love me?” – he asks. “I really love and … miss you a lot”, – the wife answers. But I don’t think I will miss is the laughter of the audience said the President.

In the end we agreed that will miss – at least until the next meeting of the Valdai club. And in what quality there in October 2018 comes Vladimir Putin, only time will tell. Wait in any case there are very long.

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