Putin told French journalists about the presidential election of 2018

Before the election of the President of Russia in less than a year. March 18, 2018, the Russians will have to make a choice, who will lead the country in the next six years. However, now the questions about how will be the main Russian elections and who can become candidates, concerned not only Russian but also foreign journalists. Has not bypassed this subject and the French media during the visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to Paris.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shared his thoughts regarding the presidential elections in Russia next year.

“As for the participation in the elections – all citizens who will have the right and will be relevant, the procedures under that law, of course, can and will participate in elections at all levels: in the legislative Assembly and in Parliament, and to participate in the presidential election, But talk about specific candidates even earlier”, – said the head of state.

A direct answer whether he plans to once again compete for the presidency, Vladimir Putin has also declined.

“With regard to the organization of the elections, we have all the latest election campaign is held in strict accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation. And I, as its guarantor, will do everything necessary to ensure the conduct of election campaigns in 2018… in strict accordance with the law and the Constitution”, – said the President of Russia.

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