Putin stood up for trump

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged US citizens to stop disrespect to President Donald Trump. The Russian leader called this tendency a symptom of a vicious political system of the United States.

Putin, who many officials were accused of undermining the U.S. presidential election in 2016 in favor of trump, decided to break the ice cold relations between the two

powers. He spoke in the discussion club “Valdai” in Sochi, denying the possibility of any intervention of Russia in last year’s elections in the United States. According to him, trump “won fair and square” and his administration behaved lawfully in response to the current political climate of the United States.

“To him (Trump) show a lack in the country. It is unfortunate the negative component of the political system of the United States, Putin said. – To challenge you, but not to be disrespectful, not only to him personally but also to those citizens who voted for him.”

Putin also spoke in defense of untraditional, sometimes controversial approach trump to lead the country, calling unpredictable decisions of the Republican “reasonable response” to the “serious internal conflicts” that prevent Trump to fulfill campaign promises.

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