Putin: Russia will spend $1.4 billion on the Serbian thread “Turkish stream”

photo: kremlin.ru

“The Serbs will never forget, Putin was defending their life and dignity,” said Russian Alexander Vucic after his chest gleamed Russian Order of Alexander Nevsky. He recalled how in 2015, Russia vetoed a British UN security Council resolution accusing the Serbs of genocide. “Then Putin defended the truth and justice,” – said Vucic.

Serbia continues to expect that Big brother will not leave her alone with their problems. “Thank you that you understand the complexity of the situation of our country,” said Vucic, alluding to the unresolved Kosovo question and the constant pressure from the EU, calling for Belgrade to abandon cooperation with Russia in political and economic spheres.

According to the Serbian leader, Serbia remains resilient to external pressure and will continue to consult with the Russian President on all important matters.

“When making any decisions on Kosovo, I will confer with Vladimir Putin, but at the moment I have a solution just do not see. The Albanians (the largest ethnic group of Kosovo – “MK”) does not want compromise,” – said Vucic at a press conference following the talks.

He stressed that Serbia is ready to talk with Pristina and to seek common ground to resolve the issue with the status of Kosovo, but will never allow yourself to humiliate.

Recall that many of those the last few weeks goes to mass protests in Belgrade and other Serbian cities, I believe that Vucic wants to negotiate with the Albanians from the exchange of territories and then to recognize the independence of Kosovo. The polls show that the vast majority of Serbs are against this decision. And he is considered to be degrading to the nation.

Vladimir Putin has underlined that Russia will support any solution to the Kosovo problem, which will correspond to the resolution 1244 of the UN security Council and acceptable to both sides. However, according to the Russian President, the provisions of international law are grossly violated: Kosovo announced the establishment of its own army and does not allow its territory to Serbian police and border guards.

However, GDP declined a direct answer to the question whether Russia is ready to act as mediator between Belgrade and Pristina? “We know that the EU acted as an intermediary in resolving a number of issues, but unfortunately, there is little that marks”, – ably moved the arrow Putin. “I think with great respect for international law, but in this case it is possible to obtain fair decisions”, – he stressed.

However, the Serbian side can’t complain about the outcome of the negotiations. In the economic part of Belgrade entrusted everything they had expected and even beyond that.

Vladimir Putin confirmed that Russia is ready to build one of the strings of the “Turkish stream” through Bulgaria to Serbia and have already reserved for this purpose $ 1.4 billion. In addition, from 450 to 750 million cubic meters will be expanded the capacity of the gas storage facility “Banatski Dvor” and made investments in the development of the local gas network.

“Once for Miller (Gazprom CEO) I was a nightmare, because always, when he saw it, asked to postpone the fulfilment of our obligations. No more of this”, – said Vucic, stressing that Serbia is in need of increased supplies of Russian gas and no other gas is not going to buy. “We expect a lot from the “Turkish stream” and has already made for its construction”, – he added.

In addition, an agreement was reached on investing € 230 million (with the prospect of increase up to 600 million Euro) in upgrading 210 km of railway infrastructure and the creation of a single dispatch centers to manage the network of Serbian Railways. Another 5 million Euro Russia will allocate for the completion of the main Orthodox Cathedral of Belgrade – St. Sava temple.

Putin also confirmed that Vucic was able to offer acceptable conditions of return from Serbia important cultural relics – the 166th page of the Miroslav gospel from the 12th century which is the oldest monument of the Serbian literature.

The correspondent of MK the witness: talks about it being at least the last 5 years, but until today remained at the level of “the list” of Belgrade. According to the Russian leader that is stored in St.-Petersburg the relic could return home in exchange for seven paintings of Nicholas Roerich.

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