Putin reported in a Assistance about the unique Russian weapons

Vladimir Putin, on the eve announced the agreement to run for another term, began to raise an army of supporters. According to Dmitry Peskov, the President has not yet decided, it will go to the polls from the party or as independent candidate, but today is the strongest candidate. “The level of support that he has, is not available to other candidates”, – declared the representative of the Kremlin. Today the President congratulated the Corporation on the anniversary and was assured the support of China.

photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin felt obliged to personally congratulate the employees of Rostec with the 10th anniversary, although Rosatom on the same occasion it received only a written message. Special attitude of the head of state, apparently, is connected not only with the personality of Sergey Chemezov, who is his old friend, but also the role that GDP itself played in the development of state-owned companies.

“You remember? how much skepticism was the members of the government. All believed that the Corporation turn into a big “bubble” that will burst, and need to sell all businesses to individuals,” said Chemezov. Only through persistence and political will of the President in 2007 we made a different decision.

“Your equipment and weapons systems showed high fighting qualities in the course of a special operation in the fight against terrorists in Syria,” said Putin, noting that remembers the history of the company. If it was not critical for the state enterprises would likely have been lost, and “our army could hardly demonstrate its present capacity,” said the President.

Director of international cooperation Viktor Kladov said that many of the military contracts of the Russian defense industry must personally Vladimir Putin.

“I remember in Malaysia we faced tough competition with the Americans. All Newspapers wrote that the contract to supply fighter jets to be signed with the United States, and here you come – and here in the sky of Malaysia successfully fly a squadron of SU – 30MKM”, – enthusiastically said Treasures.

Employees of the Corporation have promised to continue to clearly and effectively carry out the tasks set by the head of state. According to Chemezov, the production of s-400 to China is progressing according to schedule. And the supply of air defense missile systems in Turkey will begin as soon as settled the question of the loan – “we’re ready!”

Problems arose only with Saudi Arabia: a binding contract, and wrote “MK”, yet. But employees of state-owned companies promised Putin victory in the information war. “Our unit is ready to work on the state program of armaments 2027, which will be provided with the conditions to win the information war”, – reported in all the Deputy Director of concern “radio-Electronic technology,” Yuri Majewski.

Sergey Chemezov has told Vladimir Putin that the election of the President will support all the staff of the Corporation. But his eloquence has eclipsed the Chairman of the Central military Council of China Zhang Yusya, whose GDP was taken after the ceremony of awarding the employees of the Corporation.

“You are a national hero! Under your leadership, the people going to prosperity and success” – did not hide his admiration for the Colonel-General, who in Chinese hierarchy is the post of the speaker and is considered the right hand and close friend of China. Zhang added that Putin has achieved huge success both domestically and in the international arena, and stressed his closeness to the Chairman of the sea: in 2013 they met 24 times!

In General, a billion Chinese people also “for” Putin, and against the scrap no reception, just do not exist.

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