Putin irrevocably disappointed with trump and America

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if us-Russian relations and changes desired for the Moscow side, then it will happen soon.

The staff of the American diplomatic missions in Russia reduced by 755 people and will be the same as the staff of Russian diplomatic missions in America – for 455 workers on each side. American diplomats are deprived of the right to use several objects in Moscow. This is the response adopted in the United States a bill that extends a series of sectoral sanctions against the Russian economy. This is stated in the article of Natalia Lebed for “24”.
Justifying his decision, the author writes, the Russian President in an interview with Russian media, said: “the U.S. side made an unprovoked (which is very important) step to the deterioration of Russian-American relations. We waited long enough that maybe something will change for the better in the hopes that the situation will change. But, apparently, if it is going to change any time soon. I am not talking about all the reasons of domestic nature within the United States. But we must, I think, to show that we, too, have no answer for nothing to leave will not” – said Putin.
The American press responded to the demarche Putin, says the publication of Natalia Lebed. However, the official response of the presidential administration on this matter was not. “The white house has not given any comments regarding the required downsizing and instead directed all questions to the State Department,” – noted in the article on the website of CBS News. But the state Department turn avoids discussion on this topic. “It is our policy not to comment on the number of persons working in our missions abroad”, – reported there.
Meanwhile, The Guardian calculated that seven hundred and fifty American diplomats in Russia will not be typed. Together with the Embassy and the Consulate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok in the diplomatic missions of the USA 1279 busy employees, but only 301 of them came from U.S. government agencies. The rest are hired on-site staff.
Simply put, “we have no 755 diplomats in Russia,” said former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul on his page on Twitter. He warned Russia: “If these cuts are real, the Russians should wait for weeks and even months for their visas to arrival in the United States.”
The results of the Russian move also warns Evelyn Farkas, the observer in the Pentagon under the Obama administration. Farkas emphasizes that “surprised” so many “repressed.” “It is not in proportion to the number that we have excluded,” she says. And notice that this step will harm the Russians looking for visas for tourist, business or educational trips.
The Russian government wants to improve relations with the United States, as it States about it, but itself cuts off your nose, not sparing his own person, – transfers words of the official Financial Times.
Meanwhile, “all employees of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, was on Monday summoned Ambassador John Tefft informed them about the Russian decision,” according to Reuters. And draws a parallel with the times of the cold war – say, all that is happening now in the us-Russian relationship is reminiscent of that period.

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