Putin has promised to feed the Russian army “jingoism”

During a visit to Veliky Novgorod, Vladimir Putin supported the “jingoistic patriotism” and promised to discuss with defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, the possibility of incorporating traditional Russian drink in the list of products procured for the Russian army. In addition, the President expressed his attitude to the situation prevailing in the consumer lending market. “People should not be able indiscriminately to take out loans,” – said the GDP, urging the Central Bank to tighten the legislation in this area.

photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin was supposed to arrive in Novgorod oblast on Marigny fishing. “It’s very interesting. In the networks, the fish gets confused and dies, and there is 99% live fish”, – told his fishermen, promising to entertain, finally, a real soup, not the fish soup, which President ate together with Dmitry Medvedev during his previous trip to the lake Ilmen in the autumn of last year.

But fishing with nets in the flood plains did not happen. It turned out that the spring Marigny fishing is nothing like the killing of valuable species of fish (pike and Zander), the call of nature coming to spawn in the bays. This fishery leads to the impoverishment of the fish stocks of lake Ilmen and causes protests of local environmentalists and anglers (and in their more than 30 thousand), which is already 8 (!) just going to rallies, demanding to ban fishing in the spawning season. “The President already two times “slipped” pseudoliberal not relevant to this activity nothing! For them the main thing — profit”, – was indignant in anticipation of the visit of the President, the head of the local branch of the Communist party Dmitry Perevozkin.

Naturally, in such a situation, the Protocol of the Kremlin chose to forget about Marina fishing with participation of the head of the state, as a nightmare. Instead Rybakov Vladimir Putin before the state Council talked with the manufacturers of soft toys, jams, herbs, water meters, Mead, and hygiene of the oral cavity. Despite the variety of directions, nothing new from the participants, the President didn’t hear. Entrepreneurs have traditionally complained about bad roads, lack of support from the state and “gray” import.

You medco we not have customized? – having listened carefully to all the wishes, asked about the GDP from the owner of the factory of honey by Anton Georgiev.

– We do not allow to take with itself, – threw up his hands frustrated entrepreneur.

Manufacturer: hygiene of the oral cavity Evgeny Demin also came to the meeting without gifts, but with good news. After toothpaste, produced by the Novgorod company, won control purchase in Germany, Putin, in his opinion, needs to change his old habit and go with the German paste in Novgorod.

– What’s it based on? – showed genuine interest in import substitution in the private bathroom of GDP.

– Expensive system that cleans and polishes, – said Demin, flashing white-toothed smile.

According to entrepreneur, more than 80% produced in Novgorod land toothpaste comes abroad – its a good buy in many countries from Europe to China. He asked the President, not in words but in deeds to support non-oil exporters is to abolish the penalty for delay of foreign exchange earnings, which often is not their fault, and to repeal a number of outdated documents accompanying the deal.

Against the struggle with paper bureaucracy, Putin did not object. But the idea of a shortfall of funds and budget has not found understanding at the President.

– We have a lot of violations on return of foreign currency earnings, but strictly he shook his head, ‘ You have to understand: it is not only that the money came into the country, they need to be returned to the country in time!

However, after consulting with the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov, Putin said that it is possible to consider the reduction of the fine. Now he is 100%, the Finance Ministry is not opposed to reducing its size by 20-40%.

Seeing that the President agree to reasonable concessions, their claims were quick to say the producers of traditional Russian drinks – Mead and kvass. Elena Novikova asked the GDP to include products in the list of products procured for the Russian army.

– I agree with you, – unexpectedly easily agreed Putin and Mr Shoigu (Sergei Shoigu) to this issue will return again. Although it is besides the brew, is what to do, but in principle this is not an idle question.

Ending on that optimistic note, communication with manufacturers, the President took up the problems of their eternal counterparts of consumers, devoting the first in 2017 the meeting of the Presidium of the state Council national strategy for the protection of their rights. “This topic is extremely important, as it concerns all citizens of Russia: every day people buy products and use a variety of services”, – emphasized GDP, noting that the state must protect its citizens from unscrupulous sellers, fraud schemes and forgery.

Most acutely the need for such protection, in his opinion, at present, is felt in the microfinance sector. Various firms give people who are in a difficult situation, a small “payday loans” under 600% per annum and, taking advantage of their inability to pay them in time, in a short time acquire a respectable sum.

“Know the grandmother of Dostoevsky’s very humble compared to our today’s usurers!” – conducted literary parallel, referring to the old woman money-lender from “Crime and punishment”, the President. According to him, the sector needs micro-loans to more stringent regulation than exists today. And at the level of law enforcement and the CBA. “It is necessary to consider tightening legislation in this area. But the main thing is to prevent a situation where people indiscriminately taking these loans,” – said the GDP.

The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said that the Bank of Russia in the regulation of microfinance institutions is only three years old: during this time, their number decreased from 8 to 2.5 thousand

Recently at the regulatory level was set the size limit of the debt load (not more than three times the amount of the loan). This, according to Nabiullina, will not allow current lenders to earn money on fines and penalties if the client did not return on time the amount of intercepted to pay. In addition, this year, earned a law about collectors, who forbade the creditors harassing borrowers.

“Those efforts have resulted in a reduction in the number of complaints. In the first quarter of 2017, which is 22% less than in the fourth quarter of 2016,” – said Nabiullina. However, there remains the problem of “gray” of creditors to decide which CBA plans by tightening liability for illegal activity. If you are fine with individuals ranging from 20 to 50 thousand rubles, and legal entities – from 200 to 500 thousand rubles, in the new law he will grow 4-5 times, Nabiullina warned. In addition, the “illegals” were forbidden to demand repayment of the loan through the courts.

The head of the Central Bank agreed with the President that people often lack basic financial literacy, so they accepted onerous terms of credit. In addition to the information campaign, the Bank of Russia plans to develop a methodology that will limit the size of the loan, as well as access of citizens on a securities market according to their qualifications and status.

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