Putin dealt a blow to the rats in uniform

Vladimir Putin dealt a blow to the werewolves in police pogonomelomys market capitalism, infiltrating law enforcement agencies, turned them into a well-oiled system of “racketeering”. And now we need to make Herculean efforts to rebuild their work for the benefit of Russia…


Putin cut off the tails of rat kings in police uniform

The Author – Ivan Orlov

After Dmitry Medvedev dressed militia to police, and these police officers kicked out of bodies in the newly formed structure, the werewolves in epaulets turned even bigger. The flow was up the rat race when police officers began harassing the citizens, not knowing any of the banks their criminal activities.

Boris Titov told President

At the end of may this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin listened to the report of the Commissioner under the Russian President for human entrepreneurs, co-chair of the all-Russian public organization Business Russia , Boris Titov.

Titov told the President that the unstable economy staff Rospotebnadzor, Rosselkhoznador, the General Prosecutor’s office and the emergencies Ministry began to check businessmen more often, than it was before . After each inspection a businessman either went to prison or paid reviewer called a huge amount of compensation.

So Boris Titov believes that there is an urgent need for the cessation of such number of inspections. It’s not about the rule of law, and that such a measure is required at least in order to reduce non-production costs of the trading business, just think about it, corruption extortion!

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the situation: “the Report of the business Ombudsman Boris Titov about the pressure on business is of particular interest. Putin communicated with the chamber of Commerce and industry (CCI) and the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) and with other business organizations that represent small and medium businesses.”

Media against rats in uniform

In General, the picture is this. As noted by Boris Titov, the biggest pressure on businessmen provided by the staff of the NEB and the PC on sad research Affairs of Russia. As reported by businessmen, extortion and threats, directs the direct management of the internal Affairs of the South – Deputy chief of police Colonel Baranov D. A., head of the NEB and the PC police Colonel Ulyanov E. V., Deputy chief of police Colonel Lazutin A. V. And all applications present the same name, a senior security officer of the 2nd CFP of the NEB and the PC ATC yuao captain Yakovlenko S. Arthur. These names are voiced in the press (see, for example, moment-istini.com).

The police extorted from businessmen for 100 000 USD and above – for the closure of the test materials. Such amounts appear in the complaint, as obtained Yakovenko A. S. do the same test materials were illegally issued “on the basis of the law” on the left passports. Most often passports of dead souls – really dead people.

Here I have to remember our very old material in which one businessman told his story. The collisions he was involved in the police, she extorted a large sum. And, as it turned out, the whole thing was fabricated on the basis of a passport of a citizen killed in Moscow region in 1995. Were involved in this Scam, the police of the Moscow region.

That was then, this is now. “Moment of truth” reports that the control of the criminal activities of their subordinates from the chief of police the General-major of police Plugin of the Novel is not visible. All employees are engaged in the NEB and the PC police Department, South – collect tribute for his leadership.

The victims say: if the police agreed, then Yakovenko directly into the firm receives a call about what you have no more problems. Such a scheme is up and running. About this position the police newspaper “the President” reported in their submissions:

  • “As Colonel Webirc Affairs of the Russian Federation across Moscow region Alexander Mikheev and head of the rural settlement Lunevo Hope Tyutin has increased the number of defrauded real estate investors in Moscow”
  • “Will Putin continue to cut the tails of rats in police uniform?”
  • “Most likely, will appear in court Colonel Webirc Affairs of the Russian Federation across Moscow region Alexander Mikheev and head of the rural settlement Lunevo Hope Tyutin?”

Report to the President of the Russian Federation Boris Titov did after his speech at the business round table “Russia – China: Strategic economic partnership” (see russian-chinese.com), which took place at the St. Petersburg international economic forum 2014. Two years it took to prepare the invoice report. The round table became a continuation of a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President XI Jinping, then Chinese businessmen have been assured that the situation with corruption in the police will be examined more closely.

And now it has become clear that this is true. Many corrupt figures in uniform have lost their seats, and some went to felling timber. After their careless police officers have lost their jobs, and governors of several regions. They usually worked in conjunction with police officials of their territories , and received from them a percentage.

Scheme cash flows in WEBB and PC

DEB and the PC service is not cheap. On it in a year from the Federal budget allocated 800 000 000. There is in this structure and their own safety, which, unfortunately, has also joined the group of rats and was not to protect the Law and the rats in uniform. The interior Ministry in Moscow region these funds are distributed as follows:

This flowchart shows the functioning of illegal financial octopus in the leadership of the regional police. Its main motor – the Department of economic security and combating corruption (DEB and PC or operatively-search part (orch) EB and PC). It is at the regional level and at the district level – CFP and Departments (DL and PC) or Groups of EB and PC.

Above the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow region the General Parkowy long-gathering clouds, but before the resignation of the matter is never reached. And it’s weird, because the asset cash flow from the illegal business in the system of MD of the RF control that the employees of these units. They are the main criminal “getters” and “breadwinners” of the police. This happens not only in the Moscow region. In a similar way he lives and works all police Russia.

To call this bunch in uniform, “group” or “gang” wrong. To speak correctly is System. It was built a long time ago, debugged and proven criminal “work” operates irrespective of the person’s superior and a subordinate is able to heal itself and rebuild in the event of disappearance of any participant, or even link entirely.

For example, one of the key defendants in the “junk business”, head of CFP Bipc number 2 GU MVD of Russia Moscow region, Colonel Dmitry Dmitrievich Ilyashenko, responsible in the System for communication with the semi-criminal, “gray” business went on vacation and, according to some information, is already abroad. The chief 1-go Department orch UEB and the PC in the Moscow region, Colonel of internal Affairs Ilya Dude suspended and transferred to another location.

As a result of loss of the two “tillage” cash flow decreased slightly, but still – the System works: “Proceeds without punishment colonels Turcan and Mikheeva

The division of economic security and combating corruption – a special unit within the interior Ministry. They are the heirs of Soviet anti-corruption squad. Although socialist property is long gone, but the “rate of development” for 10 materials in each operative a month left. Quantitative indicators as a key criterion for a good work units of BEP MIA – continuous profanation.

To maintain its position as ordinary operatives, and heads of district departments, forced to give false, fictitious excitation and insignificant Affairs and to pay monthly fixed amounts to his leadership that turns a blind eye to these massive falsification of the results. Employees who want to work honestly, in this division generally do not stay long, the System rejects them.

How does the rat System

Motoblue General Viktor Spiders not so long ago reported on the “suppressed” 2500 economic crimes for the year 2016. He tore the applause, and may have received a well-deserved award. But he said that before the trial, brought only 10% of cases and called the number. Moreover, most of them fell apart in the courts for lack of evidence and poorly conducted investigation.

In 2016, the Federal tax service has transferred to the WEB and PC Moscow region of 80 operational materials for investigation according to the criminal code article 159 part 4 (fraud in the sphere of entrepreneurial activities). Before the trial came only 3 cases. Was not convicted no one. It turns out that 90 percent of WEB and PC – an elite unit of the Moscow region Ministry of internal Affairs – works for nothing, although the content of this tool for combating corruption and economic crime costs the state dearly.

Again, annual budget (purchase of equipment, operational activities, etc.) suburban EB and PC in 2016 – 800 million rubles. Only in the Moscow region 34 of the district Department of EB and PC. On average – 15 people each, plus a Central office total at least 500 people.

What the majority of these young, healthy men with higher education in the workplace, knows almost any Russian businessman. First, they have to “earn” to keep her position. How? Collect a monthly tribute from entrepreneurs on its territory. With those businessmen who want to work in peace, pay up, otherwise you can easily lose your business.

Secondly, the case is closed, “solve problems” for the reward with those who have to fight these crooks and criminal businessmen. The prices for such services long been a mystery: “close” the case in the Central apparatus WEBB and PC Moscow region costs between $100 000 and above. The remaining free time (very little) is devoted to the civil service, for which they receive monthly salaries from the state.

How the rat System collects money

So let’s see how the System functions. This version was published rospres.org (see above). Green on the diagram indicated the flow of money into the System from external sources. The main source of three.

The first – medium business. Its Spud at the level of operatives and district offices of the NEB and the PC. The second head units in WEBB and PC of the MIA of Moscow region already receive in feeding one large enterprise. Third – centralized regular contributions from big business in the Moscow region, “milking entrepreneurs.” Total annual cash flow from these three sources is around 15 – 16 billion roubles a year.

Cash flows within the System are marked in red. Monthly payments from the heads of subordinate departments, district departments and the NEB PC is a distribution previously received money into the System.

In the Moscow region have different areas: the “rich” and poor”. The norm for the seven “rich” regions (Istra or Lenin, for example), the NEB and PK – from 10 million rubles. “The poor”, like the Taldomsky district, one million rubles, or even less. It should be noted that this money is not personal property of the head of the unit. 90 percent of the amount collected goes up the ladder.

For example, for the head of WEB and PC Moscow region, Colonel Vyacheslav Turcan personal business penalty spetsstavki in the Serpukhov district (he is the former head of the NEB and the PC of the area). Other income, he is forced to share if he wants to hold office: monthly company, manufacturer of bottled water “Shishkin Les” in Naro-Fominsk district, pays $1 million for “assistance,” in addition, “interest” monthly payment from the heads of regional departments of EB and PC.

A key figure in this scheme – the Deputy Vyacheslav Turcan – Colonel Alexander Mikheev. Through his assistants held the bulk of payments from big business in the Moscow region (responsible for this direction Colonel Ilya Dude), and regular payments from the criminal community, the so-called “thieves in law“, (the area of responsibility of Colonel Dmitriy Ilyashenko) for assistance in criminal business (illegal garbage dumps, “gray” extraction of sand and gravel).

Colonels Dude and Ilyashenko – “collectors”, then there are those who just goes for businesses, “resolve issues”, take the money. Colonel Mikheev is perhaps a distribution center. With his participation, the finances are distributed within the System – the chief of regional Department of own safety (USB) the Ministry of internal Affairs, the chief of regional traffic police chief WEBB and PC, and other heads of departments.

On top of the “pyramid” – the head of the interior Ministry in the Moscow region, General Victor Spiders. But he’s not a Creator and not a beneficiary of this financial scheme. Rather, he “hostage”.

With the knowledge Mikheev “black money” goes outside the System (judges, prosecutors, emergency workers, forensic experts, staff of the CPS, etc.). In the diagram is the movement of money indicated in blue.

A separate place is occupied by the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR). The structure of the Ministry of internal Affairs it is not included, but many types of semi-criminal business, for example, extraction of sand and gravel in the suburbs, the excitement and the suspension of the bogus criminal cases against businessmen are not possible without some high-ranking employees of the RCDS. Movements in this direction are also indicated in blue.

Here are the numbers and the trajectory of criminal police of money leads journalist Alexander Trushkov in his article published 06.10.2017 year on the resource rospres.org. For serious data validation abound.

The fight against corruption, or a sporting event?

But the hand is still the hand wash – if each of these hands in uniform. Not so long ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the expanded Board of the Ministry, criticized the interior Ministry for corruption and unsolved crimes. The head of state said that the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has not made full use of their potential in “those sensitive areas” as the fight against corruption and protection of property and business of citizens from criminal attacks.

The Russian President stressed that there should be stricter requirements for those who apply for high positions in the interior Ministry. Putin urged to strengthen the work of service of own security of the Department. I remember that in response to criticism of the President of Russia interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev has promised the President that the Ministry will maintain an “uncompromising war” against corruption and will not hide the cases of offenses committed in the Department.

I want to believe that the interior Minister is a serious person, responsible for their promises to the President of Russia, and that it will not be able to put clown the rat, corruption in the purse which is so sweet rumbling gold…




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