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On the second day of the St. Petersburg international economic forum in its work takes part in President Vladimir Putin. With it the President of France Emmanuel macron. Both a lot of smiling and talking about the strong friendship of the two countries. In the second part of the event expected the theme of the Far East with the participation of Shinzo Abe.

photo: kremlin.ru

14:41 While the presidents of Russia and France are involved in a Protocol photo shoot.

14:39 In the hall of the dim light, the participants communicate. Soon starts the main part of the event with the participation of Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

14:31 questions done. The hall stands. Putin and macron leave the room. Applause.

14:29 of Makron says himself several years ago were infected with digitalization, that’s fine.

14:29 the response of the Makron, the head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerova: for joint projects, development and dialogue.

14:28 of Makron: the sanctions should not harm joint projects.

14:27 of Makron mentioned “Nord stream – 2”. “I think we really need to create similar projects”. Economics, politics – it’s all connected, will work.

14:24 “We are not going to close the transit through Ukraine, if it is appropriate”

14:23 About the “Nord stream – 2” was not a question, but Putin has raised this theme:

“About the pipeline of our projects. Somewhere suitable projects for LNG in the United States, in India. But at certain distances and at certain volumes, the best can only be a pipeline. Therefore, our projects in Europe the competitors have not. Of course, if Europe wants to remain competitive and not to buy at exorbitant prices”

14:22 Putin answers questions of the head of Total. We will develop the infrastructure, direct financial support for national projects. LNG on the Yamal Peninsula: there were a lot of skeptics in this climate… but you with Russian and Chinese partners managed to implement it.

14:14 Excellent today the mood of the participants. Moderator: Protocol service of the President was allowed to ask the President just one question, and there are already a few sounded…

Putin: “Such a large investor can” (laughter)

14:13 Reached important. So far, however, before LNG. The question to Putin from Total: for permission “NOVATEK” together with Total together to sell gas to Europe? And I hope that the presidents will be able to destroy the walls, that someone wants us to build (prolonged applause).

14:10 by the head of Total Patrick Pouyanne. Says they invest in the Russian economy more than the Finns, who reproach Him praised Putin (again laughter). Want to invest more.

14:08 Again, the question of relations with France. The two countries have great potential, going to work, Putin said.

14:05 Putin: “I Told you I was sick last year with digitalization. I’m healthy. It’s not me, it’s the world economy is pregnant with digitalization. And the pregnancy is normal”

Moderator: “It then said Igor Shuvalov. Now I understand why he’s not in the new government”

14:00 The Word Putin. “I have to disappoint the Macron, France and even Germany is our main trading partner. And China.” The Finns are great: one company to invest in Russia 6 billion euros, and the whole of France – 15. “Is this okay?” (laughter)

13:57 of Makron: “I believe in our relationship, I believe that Europe stretches from the Atlantic to the Urals”

The moderator is the head of RSPP Alexander Shokhin: “I’m Sorry, but we have Europe – from Lisbon to Vladivostok”

Putin: “did Not give me to say it (laughter)”

13:52 macron takes the floor: “I believe in good relations between our countries. Yesterday, we long talked about this”.

“Even during the recession of the last years the Russian enterprises are not left France, the French business has gone from Russia”

13:50 Return nod to Putin: thank you for the collaboration. The Russian President gave a souvenir – the blue rooster. Sorry, not headed cock in the colors of the Russian tricolor, jokes moderator.

13:45 in Fact, the false start is not – yet a welcome speech on the topic of relations between Russia and France. For example, an appeal to the Macron: develop new joint projects, have an interest in SKOLKOVO, metallurgy, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, retail chains… In Russia, capture the positive mood of the French side.

13:38 22 minutes before the official start of the meeting appeared in the hall Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel macron. Those present welcomed the politicians standing.

It was immediately clear that despite the economic specialization of the forum plenary session, given the presence of the President will touch on political issues. Moreover, St. Petersburg international economic forum gathered dignitaries from among the colleagues of Putin – the President of France Emmanuel macron (before the main meeting at this event, the French leader enjoyed a walk in the sun Peter and his wife), the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe… all have something to discuss besides trade.

In the Kremlin, however, kept me wondering and not answered questions from the pool of possible themes for discussion. “Will be interesting”, — pointedly promised the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

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