Putin and the people against the snickering of power: the President has issued a strategy-2018

“Where’s the money, Mr President?” – this is extremely relevant to 90% of the citizens of our country, the question is now the most painful for the Russian authorities. And this is the most painful question Vladimir Putin has made the culmination of his “straight line” with the people.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

According to all the written and unwritten laws of political craft, GDP could not officially announce this Thursday about his nomination for the presidency for a new term. But that was not the start of the presidential campaign, de jure, became de facto.

Appearing in the role of a wise, standing above the fray leader, who equally value the interests of the Orthodox Church, and the interests of culture, Putin at one blow cut the “Gordian knot” of the conflict around St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Presented as a brave and far-sighted ruler, which is alien to populism and the pursuit of cheap popularity, Putin almost announced future increase in the retirement age. Appearing in the role of father (or after recognition of the recent emergence of the President grandson of the second


now, to speak – grandfather?) the people Putin has promised to protect the rights of truckers, which encroach greedy and unfair gas monopoly.

Each of these statements pulling sensation in itself. But brought together, they allow you to have a comprehensive idea about the strategy of GDP in the presidential race in 2018.

The essence of this strategy, in my opinion can be summed up in one sentence: Putin and the people against the lazy and snickering of power. The strategy is audacious, no doubt. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the heart, the motor, the architect and the parent of the current Russian pyramid of power. But, judging by the way was a direct line to the President, the Kremlin did not just think that such a plan can be implemented. The Kremlin has already rolled up his sleeves and proceeded to implement it.

“The most important art for us is cinema” and “a Poet in Russia is more than a poet” – something that in our modern reality, these two philosophical sayings from the past gradually transformed into the formula “television rules all,” no longer is not a secret to anyone. But, with some deliberate ruthless efficiency television was used as a tool for increasing the credibility of the “good king” and denigration of the authority of all “other boyars and commanders”, perhaps, became news even for the most hardened of strategists of the Putin era.

Governors and other chiefs were regularly turned into a “punching bag” for the President and previous straight lines of Putin with the people. But then this was the element of chance, a kind of lottery. The viewer’s were lucky, he phoned to Vladimir Putin, I got the opportunity to talk about local outrages, and Governor Y hurricane of presidential anger.

In 2017 an element of randomness has been almost completely eliminated. From the moment the crew of the Federal channel was dropped in a region corresponding to the Governor was already doomed. Doomed, if not to resignation — a resignation which has become the object of Putin’s wrath of the Governor of Stavropol territory Vladimir Vladimirov was quickly refuted


then at least public ridicule and the role of “whipping boy” in the great presidential television show.

“I want to ask a question to his namesake, the Governor of Stavropol territory Vladimir Vladimirovich, where is the money? This is some nonsense! We definitely will deal with this. I hope that Vladimir Vladimirovich is already today you will visit!” – I can imagine with what feelings the Almighty sovereign of the Stavropol region saw the dialogue of the President with the victim of the floods, which in the worst traditions of the Russian bureaucracy were left without the promised aid and promised compensation. You do not want to have a great imagination to imagine how the Governor yells at his subordinates, ” How do you bastards let it happen? One of you framed me?!” and frantically trying to take all “necessary measures” in line with the performance of Putin’s order.

With equal ease you can imagine and feelings Orlovskogo Governor Communist Vadim Patomskogo, who after complaints of a local resident by the recipient following the sinister promises of the GDP: “We will check that they can provide and what they can’t provide!”.

In addition to the pre-planned list of “funeral of victims of direct inclusions” in Putin’s direct line-2017 was one very important technological innovation. Putin tried to get away from the usual pattern: a kind and just ruler graciously satisfies the petitions of his humble subjects. “Andrew, we are with you all view. Tell me then, what steps have been taken!” – I’d give anything to see “a pattern oil”: Putin together with the boy Andrew out of the Findings examines the measures taken by the local port for reduction of the emissions of coal dust into the atmosphere.

But, I think, is not in a particular boy’s love of Discovery. The point is the fundamental line of the Kremlin: to create an image of partnership between the President and ordinary citizens in the taming of the presumptuous ambitions of the political elite.

But enough about political technologies. Talk about meaningful moments of Putin’s direct line. Putin’s plan to end the conflict around St. Isaac’s Cathedral – “we need to depoliticize this issue, you should not use this as a tool for petty political fuss” is, in my opinion, definitely hit the bull’s eye.

What surprises me is the fact that the government is so late coming to this obvious from the very beginning of the conflict solution. All sensible people have long been understood two things. St. Isaac’s Cathedral should be sharing. And this decision was recognized and accepted by all parties to the conflict, to announce it personally to the President. I liked the frankness with which the President spoke about the painful topic of raising the retirement age. Honesty in this matter is the best policy. But Putin’s thesis — it is necessary to recognize the realities is, of course, a manifestation of honesty.

And that’s what caused me deep confusion, so is Putin’s answer to the question about the conflict between the Duma Deputy Natalia Polonskaya and Director of the film “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel. At the end of his TV talk with the nation’s GDP said: “If there is some sort of line, it will be only a video, like today.” However, the issue the action Poklonskaya who declared war on the not yet released film, Putin was riding evasiveness. Familiar to us by the President of the Russian Federation, for which there is slippery and ready to easily parry any question, suddenly disappeared. Instead, suddenly a man appeared from the response in the figurative sense had to pull out ticks.

But it only lasted a minute or even less. And then the usual for us Putin is back — back full of strength and desire to go for a new presidential term. “Me too man me too cheat. Even in this case, when I see it, I don’t act hurriedly. Before you react, I always see the motives of what people wanted… But I won’t forget it” – it sounds like a thoughtful plan of action not only for 2018 but also for 2024.

Read the online broadcast of “Direct line” with Vladimir Putin


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