Pulled from the ashes of forgetfulness: the network has posted the materials on the Holodomor, surviving in Canada

For the first time spoke about the Holodomor in Canada and the United States. Photo: youtube.com

The network posted a unique record of the first Symposium on the Holodomor. It was held March 25-26, 1983, at the initiative of volunteers at the University of Quebec and the Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos in Montreal, Canada.

Presentations to over 300 participants about the “nonexistent” in the Soviet Union, tragic page held scientists ukrainoznavstvo Yuri Shevelev, Bohdan krawchenko, Roman Serbin, as well as a researcher from Harvard , James Mace, which was dedicated to the Holodomor all my life. Performed and witnesses to Hunger. They managed to tape, transfers “Radio Freedom”.

Work on the second phase of digitization of video recording international Symposium was completed in January 2020, the producers Yuriy Lugovoy, Zoryana Gritsenko meadow and Volodymyr Hayduk. It’s 4 performances by North American scientists of Ukrainian descent and most of the eyewitnesses of the genocide. Unlike previous appearances at the University in English, these were performed in the Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God Ukrainian.

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“A significant portion of participants who during the recording was in old age, almost 40 years passed away. But their testimony is of great significance for their descendants and for the world of Ukrainian society, especially Canada and the USA, which took over the task of telling the world about the Holodomor when he continued to deny to the USSR, falsifying the history of Ukraine”, – said the head of the project Yuri meadow. Complete collection of video recordings of the Symposium can be found on his Youtube channel.

At the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, presented “the Holodomor of 1932-33 Ukrainian genocide”. Spanish work translated Yarema Touretzky.

The translation includes materials Branch state archive of the SBU and the new demographic data that demonstrate the artificiality of the Famine created by the Soviet Union.