Published the budgets of Formula 1 teams for 2018

Formula 1 / photo – James Bearne/Getty Images

Racenfans published a report with the expenses of the teams from 6th to 10th place in the overall constructors ‘ championship in 2018.

McLaren with a budget of about $ 200 million was the most expensive team of honorary second five, while Force India with a budget of 120 million was recognized as the most cost effective “stable”.

It is noteworthy that in the report it was stated how many teams were worth every point scored in the previous season. Among the teams taking places from the 6th to the 10th, most expensive points cost Williams, the last place finisher in the championship — every point for them is cost of 21.5 million. Toro Rosso each point cost 4.54 million, Sauber 2.8 million, McLaren — 3.23 million. The cheapest glasses years can pohvastatsya Force India — a score of them at a cost of 1.08 million.

The FIA approved the race calendar for 2019.

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