Prytula admitted, for whom will vote in the Eurovision song contest-2017 (Video)



Photo: from open sources

The showman and presenter Sergey Pritula told for which party will vote in the Eurovision song contest in 2017.

“I will vote … I suspect that for Belarus. You want a little help our fellow friends. Syabry first time this year, came the Eurovision song contest with the song in the Belarusian language”, – explained his choice Pritula.

The presenter also joked that the Belarusian participants is “cheaper to buy potatoes for the winter”. Add in the Eurovision song contest-2017 Belarus will present the group Naviband with the song “Story of My Life”.

Watch the video Naviband “Story of My Life”: the Eurovision song contest-2017 will be held in Kyiv on 9, 11 and 13 may. Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest will present the famous rock band O. Torvald .

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