“Promised to take a car that I don’t have”

Ivan Petrov, 39 years old, Exactly:

– Took a loan of a smartphone. When I was laid off, couldn’t put money on a credit card two months. Began to call from the collection company and demand payment of the entire amount. Threatened to take my car, which is not.

Evgeny Pavlenko, 29 years old, Kiev:

– Credits never took. But my namesake, with whom I am unfamiliar, got into the list of malicious defaulters. Under the distribution I got. When they stopped taking phone calls from collectors, they switched to my mother. Play on home phone and threatened to jail me for 10 years, and she will give pension to pay off my debts. Mom bad heart, went to the hospital.

Valeriy Kutsyy, 41, Zhytomyr region:

– A friend of my parents took money in the Bank for treatment. To repay debts could not. He was set collectors. Embarrassed when colleagues pasted an office sketch. The man could not stand the pressure – hanged himself.

Alexander Gorbachev, 49 years old, Kyiv region:

– I think that’s paid off the fridge, which they bought five years ago. As it turned out, left 45 hryvnia. During this time, passed over 800 fine. Now require a Bank certificate confirming the absence of debts.


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