Privman in listco iz Vsesvit day radio

Holy 13 savage, photo: TV Workers

today, 05:15

For whom TSE Holy

This day soroku vjnetcast sama 13 fierce, and pocha in the 2012 school year. Although naprawd wonderfully scho Holy radio z javelosa only in this year, given the Yogo popularnosti have a view from the past. Vote this day genasambleya UN swou resolute. And the date obrali not just. To this day, only in the year 1946 “United Nations Radio” in purshia time Wisla in EFR. Yogo station perebolela headquarters-Quartier UN. UN uvajaut scho Tsey day not only VDDA naline this zasobu contact’yazku, ale takozh mizh I smtng spitraw radio companies, odinokimi by Amateurs, suspilstva. And it has sprite radio stations in fact, dwellers stink otrimali more formats could more respond. After newt at a time, from Vik, digital technology, one z golovnih zasobu contact’yazku has salesas radio. However, the TSE takozh I sasb spilkuvannya. Wherein bitrate radio nevelik, and you can dosage duzhe dalena communities. And korotkovolnovoi Mowlana it is believed nieaktywny way peredati parmacy. Wtout not only prank on the radio, but I vsih people, that yakos POV Asan z cu sphere. Navti yakscho stink just sublet posluhat radio.

Holy 13 savage, photo: Art Cuts

Listki I ozdorovleniya

On the radio congratulations!

Without him, no way!

Popular news at once

Smut of the day midpoints, 12 fierce: Ukrainians have otrimali podine gromadyanska I Novi pens and Selenski vderlasya in NCName club

Borispolskoe Tracy pid Kiom perekryt “barricade” s fur dalcobank, Yak Ob hati Petelin Satori

Selenski Hoca raspustit Parliament through “servants of the people”: “We are so Pleased not potrebna”

Ukrainzam automatic sacriwce viplati pensions, for vsogo be called a few more minutes: deal novovvedeniya

Show sche

And let you congratulate

Your true friends!

I wish that healthy

There were racks of wires,

And in my personal life overtook

No mountain, no problem!

Relations you warm,

Loyal certainly.

So in the life and work

It was all excellent!

Holy 13 savage, photo: Art Cuts

Radio day wish

Under radio tea to drink!

Now you do not be lazy,

Hurry up to turn it on!

News listen to you

Or it’s a great song.

The day you were

Fun and happy!

Radio give

You inspired

And let them raise

The mood in the morning!

Obov’yazkovo papishes on our channel from Viber, abi not propustiti niccas

Yak povidomlyav Znayu, Boily element ruine cream. Such a strong storm so many snhu long time no drink.

Also Znayu writing, Suprun rospoli about Lyra, that as prodavav of niemowlat INSHI in the country, and now want to become head medychne the University.

Nagado have our country versile finally pozbutisya not tilki od growih automata, ale I from the online casino I bukmekerskih offices. About bagato s them VI exactly Chuli. Also sabarinath some Internet vidannya.