“Presidential elections – 2019. Be the first to “espresso”

The channel will televise live more than a day and a half. Photo: frocus.net

On March 31st the channel “espresso” provides a unique opportunity to observe the elections of the President of Ukraine. Continuous marathon live stream will begin at 8:45 a.m. Sunday and will last for a day and a half until late in the evening of Monday 1st April.

During the telethon “Learn first “espresso” every viewer will be able to experience the atmosphere of this most important national day. To see live broadcasts from the CEC, the headquarters of the leaders of the race, to hear the timely comments and expert opinions of guests.

“Espresso” is an information partner of the “National exit poll – 2019”, so his audience will be the first to know the results of the survey in the evening of election day.

Special attention will be paid direct inclusion of overseas polling stations, in order to cover the will of Ukrainians around the world.

In the marathon “Learn first “espresso” with you all the events will follow leading information blocks – Vasily Zima, Miroslav master, Yegor Checherinda, Sergei Rudenko, Anton Borkowski, Christina Yatskiv, Nazar Dovgy, Anna Walewska, Olga Laziness and others. During the second part of the telethon, from 12.00 on 1 April it will be joined by journalists of Radio Liberty.

The results of the marathon, the evaluation of the preliminary results of the first round and all the possible twists and turns at 22:00 on 1 April, will discuss Vitaly Portnikov.

Be the first to “espresso”!


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