Presidential candidates failed vote in Parliament

In March, 111 people’s deputies voted in Parliament even once. Therefore, the Parliament has set a record.

For comparison: in February, never voted 12 people’s deputies, report of the Committee of voters of Ukraine.


8 of the 14 politicians voted in March never. In particular, Yulia Tymoshenko, Oleksandr Shevchenko, Oleksandr Vilkul, Serhiy Kaplin, Oleg Lyashko, Arkady Kornatsky, Viktor Bondar, Vitaliy kupriy.

The majority of candidates took part in a few polls. Sergey Taruta took part in 0,18% of the votes, Olga Bogomolets – 1%, Yuri Derevyanko – 2%, Yuriy Boyko – 4%.

The highest votes among the candidates for President Viktor Krivenko (53%) and Yuri Tymoshenko (64%).

“Participation in elections does not relieve candidates of their responsibilities as deputies. This applies, in particular, participation in voting of the Verkhovna Rada. However, some of the candidates are already fully working in a polling format, but because the Parliament does not appear”, – said the Chairman of the CVU Alexey Purse.

In March there were 13 plenary meetings, at which there were 566 ballots. All of them referred to the consideration of amendments to the draft Law on ensuring the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language.

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Presidential elections will be held March 31. If none of the candidates receive more than 50% of the vote, 21 April the second round. It will be the two highest-rated candidate.


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