Presented to Putin in Serbia dog better keep on the street


— Sarplaninski shepherd homeland — Macedonia. Its name it received in honor of the mountains Bowl-Plain. Sarplaninac is also called the Macedonian and Yugoslav shepherd dog — says dog expert Vladimir Aleksandrovich Oraevskii. It is a very strong, sturdy dog that was bred to protect sheep from predators. The dog was depicted on the Dinar, it is considered a national treasure, and so it give. For the President probably picked up the puppy with excellent pedigree.

This shepherd will come, of course, only a country house?

— Definitely. This dog is not for apartment. Sharplanina have a very thick coat with a dense undercoat. She has a good immune system, is perfectly resistant to the cold and the wind, loves to sleep right on the snow.

— It is believed that this dog is a direct descendant of the wolf. What can we say about the nature sarplaninski shepherd?

Is a herding dog, she is bold, alert, energetic. Easily puts things in order in the herd. At the same time sarplaninski shepherds are great protective qualities. She does not allow strangers to approach as a master and to the flock. Can immediately rush to the enemy, though outwardly it looks quite calm and balanced.

Sharpenin — wolfhound, he will not capitulate before predators.

— In Russia we have not found any nursery sarplaninski shepherds.

— This is not surprising, because we have our own similar breed. Sharpenin from afar looks like a Caucasian Ovcharka. Only sarplaninski inferior to the Caucasians in size. And they don’t have a strict character and temper, as the Caucasian Ovcharka. Sharplanina — friendly. They get along well with children. So perfect for any family.

— Vladimir Putin is already living the Bulgarian shepherd dog Buffy, Japanese Akita inu, Yume, Turkmen Alabai named Faithful. They will take the rookie?

— Sharplanina — the real diplomats get along quite well in the group. Although all other breeds of dogs that have with the President is quite complex, each with its own character.

— Donated sharplanina shepherd — three-month-old puppy, and this will facilitate its entry into the group speaks in turn canine Eugene Levkovich. — Of course, can first a little bit to pull, but no more. But familiarity will no doubt take place under the supervision of specialists.

Cynologists say that sharplanina pretty bad at being alone. They do not like to be alone. As herding dogs, they are focused on the host. They have increased psychological dependence on man. All the orders they perform solely for the love of the master. So, the new dog will have to pay a lot of attention.

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