Premiere of a satirical film about the Second world war “Jojo Rabbit” (Video)

Premiere of a satirical film about the Second world war “Jojo Rabbit” (Video)
19:00 Thu, 23 Jan 2020 Telegraph Photo: Twitter news culture:About the Second world war was filmed a lot of movies with accents and views from different sides.

However, the tape “Jojo Rabbit” is somewhat different from historical paintings for his satirical style. Today, January 23, in Ukraine the premiere of a satirical film, so dramamine more about the film read more.

The film “Rabbit Jojo” is based on events from the book Christine Lukens “Heaven in the box”. The original title is: Caging Skies. During filming took secretly of Waititi. New Zealand kinotanets directed the film, wrote for him the script, and also played a role.

In the center of the story “Jojo Rabbit” appears a lonely German boy, who will play the novel is Griffin Davis. His world will turn on its head, and life will never be the same when he learns that his mother, a role which takes Scarlett Johansson hides in the attic of their house a young Jewish girl.

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A Jew had to play Tomasin MacKenzie. Boy Jojo will be forced to question the blind faith in Nazism and the rightness of his imaginary friend of Adolf Hitler, played by Director and screenwriter Taika of Waititi.

It is worth adding that the film “Rabbit Jojo” in 2020, nominated in prestigious award “Oscar” in the category “Best film”.

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