Poroshenko wants the debate in three stages

Poroshenko donated blood in the infirmary “Olympic”

The current head of state Petro Poroshenko considers it necessary to hold several rounds of debate with the presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky.

He said this at a briefing after passed the tests in the infirmary of the stadium “Olympic”.

“It would be nice if debate has occurred several stages. The debate about the position of the key powers of the commander-in-chief – the program of strengthening of defense and security. The second stage is on foreign policy. The third stage is for the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens”, – said Poroshenko.

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Vladimir Zelensky has announced its willingness to go to the debate with Petro Poroshenko. In this case, put forward the condition that the debate must go on the Olympic stadium, before the people of Ukraine, and all the channels had the right to broadcast the debate live. And encouraged to undergo a medical examination.

Poroshenko agreed to meet at the NSC “Olympic”. Has advised to the opponent to read the rules relating to debate on the basis of the Public television to broadcast on all TV channels.

The representative of the electoral headquarters Poroshenko Oleg Medvedev said that the President is waiting Zelensky at 9:00 on 5 April in the infirmary of the stadium “Olympic”.


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