Poroshenko has approved the boundaries and list of settlements in the Donbass

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko approved the list of settlements on the territory of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. It is approved in accordance with the law on reintegration of Donbass.

So, the document stated that the boundaries and the list of the temporarily occupied regions, cities, towns and villages of Donetsk and Lugansk regions shall be approved under the law on peculiarities of state policy for ensuring sovereignty in the occupied Donbas.

The decree entered into force upon its publication, i.e. on 7 February 2019.

The list of the occupied territories

Donetsk oblast

1. City of regional significance (including settlements that are administratively subordinated to the city councils of these cities):

the city of Donetsk (including the urban-type settlement of Larino, the village of Pavlograd, city of Mospino, urban-type settlement Gorbachev-mykhailivka village Authorities, village Verbova Balka village Gregory village’s Parents, the village of mykhailivka village Novodvorskoe, the village of Temryuk);

the city of Gorlovka (including the urban-type settlement Golmovsky, urban-type settlement Panteleymonovka, the village of Ryasne, the village of Ozeryanovka, from the village of Mikhailovka settlement Rate, the settlement the Wide Beam, the p’yatykhatky village, the village of Fedorovka);

the city of debaltseve;

the city of Dokuchaevsk (including the village Clear);

the city of Yenakiyevo (including the city of Bunge, an urban village of Friendly, urban village Park, the village of novoselivka, Staropetrovsky village, urban-type settlement Korsun, Top Krynka village, the village of Krynychky village Overpass, the village of Shevchenko, the village the Gravel, the village of Avilovka, village Shaposhnykove);

the city Zhdanovka (including urban village Olkhovka, the settlement of a Young miner);

city Makiyivka (including the settlement of urban type Hruz-zoryans’ke, urban village is High, the urban-type settlement of Gruzsko-Lomovka urban village lighthouse, the urban village Boundary, the village of Hillside, village of city type Petiole, urban-type settlement of Vogler, urban-type settlement husel’s’ke urban village Bar, urban-type settlement Cold, Molocharka village, the village of Shevchenko, an urban-type settlement Yasynivka, urban-type settlement Dugouts, urban village Krinichnaya, Vasilevka village, Swan village, urban village of Nizhnyaya Krynka, an urban-type settlement of a Large nut, an urban-type settlement Lipsky, urban village Forest, village Linden, village of Orehovo, village of Verkhnyaya Krynka, a village of Diamond, village of Red dawn, the village of Monakhovo, the settlement of the New world, novomar’ivka village, the village of novoselivka village, Novomoskovsk);

Snowy city (including urban-type settlement andriivka urban village hirnyts’ke urban village, Bragino, urban-type settlement Lymanchuk, urban-type settlement Nikiforovo, urban village zalisne, settlement of city type may day, settlement of city type may day, urban village Victory , village bar, urban-type settlement Northern, settlement Molchalivoe, the village of Suhovo);

the city of Khartsyzsk (including the town of Zugres, the settlement of city type Nikolaevka, village vodobud shakhtars, village Zupci, the city of Ilovaysk, the village of Grape, the Tretyakov village, urban-type settlement Zuevka, urban-type settlement Troitsko-Khartsyzk, urban village of grace, the urban village of Pokrovka, the urban-type settlement Mine, urban village Wide, village Singing, urban-type settlement Mountain, the village of bear);

city Krestovka;

city Chistyakova (including the settlement of urban type Pelahiivka, urban village Rozsypne);

a mining town (including the urban village kontarne shakhtars, urban-type settlement in Moscow, urban-type settlement Angry, the village of Oak, village of Lobanovka, urban-type settlement Stozhkovskoye, village of Vinnitsa, the village of Chumaky, village Vic, the Mountain village, the village dorofiienko shakhtars, the village of Zarechny, the village Kischenko;

the city Yasinovataya.

2. Areas:

Amvrosievsky district;

Bakhmut district: city of Uglegorsk, the village of Bulavino, the village terrible, the village Kaiutyne, savelivka village, the village Stupakova, urban village Bulavin, urban village Aleksandrovskoe, urban village olenivka urban village the Coastal village of lozove urban-type settlement olhovatka, Vesela Dolyna village (administrative village subordinated to Biology Council), the village of Danilovo, Ilyinka, the village of Kamenka, Redkodub settlement, the village of Debaltseve, in the village of Kalinovka, a village of Logvinovo, the village of Novohryhorivka, the village of nyzhnie lozove, eating Sanzharovka village Dolomite;

Boykovsky district;

Volnovakha district: urban village olenivka village of Malinovo, village Youth, village New village, the village of novomykolaivka village of andriivka village Share village Pikuza, the village of Lyubovka, the village of Chervone;

Maryinsky district: urban village Oleksandrivka urban village Staromykhailivka, the village Lugansk, the village of Kremenets, the village signal;

Novoazovs’k district;

Starobeshevskiy district;

Mining district;

Yasinovatskiy district: Batmanova village, the village Vasilevka, lozove village, the village of Spartak, Merry (administratively subordinated to Spartak village Council), the village Chestnut, the village of Kruta Balka, a village of Mineral, village Yakovlevka.

Lugansk region

1. City of regional significance (including settlements that are administratively subordinated to the city councils of these cities):

Lugansk city (including the city of Aleksandrovsk, village Zrazkove, the Greenhouse village, urban-type settlement Ekaterinovka);

the city of Alchevsk;

Anthracite city (including urban village Bokovo-Platovo, village Forest, village, Mel’nikovo, village Garden, village Khrystoforivka, the urban-type settlement of Upper nahol’chyk, urban-type settlement Dubovsky, village of Orehovo, village of city type of Stone, the urban-type settlement of Krepenskiy , urban-type settlement Schetovo, village Green mound, village, steppe);

the city of Bryanka (including urban village South Lomovatka, urban-type settlement of Vergulevka, urban village annovka, urban-type settlement Lomovatka, urban village Deep);

the city holubivka (including the urban-type settlement in Donetsk, an urban-type settlement Krinichanskiy, krynychne village, the village Tavrichanskogo);

city Demjansk (including the city of Voznesenovka, urban village bear, an urban-type settlement Pavlovka urban-type settlement Kundruchya, Kundruchya village, the village of Khmelnytsky, the urban village of Oak, village of Cool, urban-type settlement Ulyanovskoe, Melamedia village, the village of Ustinovka, fedorivka village, urban-type settlement and Mining, the village Kiselevo);

the kadievka (including the city of Diamond, city of Irmino);

the city of Pervomaysk;

the city of Rovenki (including urban village Lyubimovka settlement of city type of Veligonenko, urban village Maple village Korobkina, village of Pokrovka, the settlement of urban type Hirnyk, urban-type village of Mikhaylovka urban-type settlement Tatsyne, urban-type settlement nagol’noe-tarasivka village Berezovka, the urban-type settlement of Novodaryevka, Ulyanovsk village, the village Kalynivka urban-type settlement Kartushyne, Railway village, Novoukrainka village, urban-type settlement Yasenivs, village Lubelskie Kopalni, village Blagovo, village Gribovka, village Novodaryevka, village Platonovka, the village the resident of Ulyanovsk);

the city Sorokino (including the city of Sochi, the village of Novosemeykino, the city of Sukhodolsk, urban-type settlement of Buran, an urban-type settlement Mountain, the village is a Wide, urban-type settlement Izvarino, an urban-type settlement in Krasnodar, the urban village is Warm, the village Svetlichnyi, urban village North, an urban-type settlement Severo-Hundorivs, urban village of Uralo-Kavkaz, West village);

city of Crystal (including the city of Laterally-Crystal, the urban village of Sadovo-Khrustal’nens the village Pipe, the city of Minusinsk, Native village, village Forest, village Novoielyzavetivka, city of Petrovo-Krasnosillia, urban village fedorivka village Butkevich, Vergulevka village, the village of Voskresenovka, urban village Zaporizhia, Coltish village, the village Curfew, urban village Pear, an urban-type settlement Sophia, the village of Davydovka, urban village of Crystal, the urban-type settlement of Snegirevka, Crystal village, urban-type settlement Shterivka).

2. Areas:

Antratsit district,

Dovzhansky district,

Lutuginsky district,

Novoaydarsky district: village of Sokolniki;

Pereval’s’kyi district,

Slavyanoserbsk district,

Sorokinskiy rayon,

Stanichno-the Lugansk area: the village of Nikolaevka, village Burchak-mykhailivka village Lobacheve, the village of Suhodol.

That changed after approval of the law on the reintegration of Donbass

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