Poroshenko called the most favorite songs of 2018

Petro Poroshenko called your favorite songs. Photo: bessarabiainform.com

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called his favorite songs of last year.

“I am happy when I see how the last year was development of Ukrainian music – from folk to dance and rock. There are many modern, vivid composition as from the long-known bands and new talented musicians. The social network, without exaggeration, was buzzing about the Ukrainian stars, it was impossible not to notice an incredible breakthrough group KAZKA”, – wrote Poroshenko on the page in Facebook.

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The President’s rating is:

Jamal – “Wings”


TNMK – “Angels”

Mannerheim line – “Where is your line?”

Antibodies – Carpe diem

One in a canoe – “Icons”

KAZKA – the “Crying”.

The network has listed the most significant events in 2018 and personalities that have already become a meme. Last year users of social networks are the most laughed at the inventor Elon Musk, a new brand of Ukraine and the Cathedral spire in Salisbury to the British.


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