Poroshenko buys votes under the guise of distribution of budgetary financial assistance

In local budgets for 2019 in several regions of Ukraine sharply increased amounts to provide targeted assistance to the population.

In fact, these funds are used to bribe voters, says the investigation of the program “Our money with Denys Bigus”.

In early February, 2019 Dnipro city Council has allocated an additional 140 million hryvnia for the provision of targeted financial assistance to residents who are in difficult life circumstances. In the local budget, these funds were removed from the repair of schools, hospitals and stadium.

In the river the funds were removed from the repair of schools, hospitals and stadium

Dnipro city Council has allocated an additional 140 million

Compared to previous years, the amount of financial aid has increased almost ten times. Simultaneously, the city Council simplified the procedure for issuance and removed from the position of grounds for refusal – namely, if the person has filed an incomplete package of documents or has sufficiently high incomes.

After these changes, to receive financial assistance, was enough to write a statement, provide a copy of your passport and a photocopy of the identification code.

She had to go to the indirect bribery of state employees. Why – because just a few days before that we caught on the city Council, right in the room where the session, gather the employees and their campaigning for the incumbent President,
– says head of NGO “Public control” Artyom Romankow.

When the inhabitants of the Dnieper heard about the distribution of funds under the city Council began to gather a huge waiting list to get them. And the city Council was forced to urgently return to the old procedure of issuing financial assistance and to request supporting documents. However, according to activists, the public sector still continue to give her the simplified procedure. To do this, they are asked to complete the statement “hindsight”.

The money was accrued retroactively

The same queue at the beginning of the year was recorded in the Odessa region. There, too, handing out one thousand hryvnia under the simplified procedure. Odessa regional Rada threw on material aid to the population of an additional 90 million. Compared to previous years, the amount is increased again tenfold. To distribute these funds plan to retirees with a pension of up to 2.5 thousand UAH.

In Odessa, was handing out money under the simplified procedure

Funds for financial assistance to the population are included annually in the budgets of all areas and settlements. In many places these targeted programs are called “Care”. But in an election year, their funding has increased significantly.

On the waiting list to receive financial aid write in nikolayevshchina. 2.5-fold increase in the budget for it in the city of Kherson, five in Kiev. Increased amount of funds and also in the district budgets. For example, an unprecedented amount – about 9 million – laid this year in the town of Vasylkiv in the Kyiv region.

2.5-fold increase in the budget for it in the city of Kherson, five in Kiev

For comparison, 9 million in a small town is 30% more than budgeted in the regional center-Poltava. The money is enough to give 1,000 hryvnia every fourth vasilkovets. On the fact of bribery of voters on the program “Care” in Vasilkov now investigating a criminal case by the police.

Journalists Bihus.Info got a list of town residents who received financial aid, and talked with these people. Some of them said that the opportunities to get money learned during the pre-election polls. That the bribery of voters in Vasylkiv was attracted by agitators “Pro-government candidate,” sounded on the air and the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

Also the test showed that the lists to help meet and financially secure enough people who didn’t need it. The other really asked for money for treatment, but were forced to wait for them since the end of last year.

In early March, when the money started coming, we again spoke to the people on the phone on behalf of the Executive Committee. On the question of for whom they will vote for, most answered with the phrase “As agreed” that may indicate bribery. As one resident voiced Vasilkova also the name of a specific candidate – “the Peter Poroshenko”.

One of the residents of Vasilkov announced the name of a particular candidate for “Poroshenko”

With a comment concerning bribery of voters budget, we appealed to the presidential Administration there denied his involvement.

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