Poland – world giant furniture

The neighboring country of Belarus is the sixth manufacturer of furniture in the world, but few people know about it.

“Poland today is one of the largest producers and exporters of furniture in Europe and the world, however, Polish manufacturers sell it under foreign brands. From today (March 15, 2019, – ed.) the distinctive mark of the Polish of the furniture should be the logo of Smart Furniture. Made in Poland” – writes Gazeta Polska.

About it reports “Radio Poland.”

“The furniture industry is one of the driving forces of Polish economy. Poland is the 6th producer and 3rd largest exporter of furniture in the world. Since 2006, exports in this sector doubled from 5 billion PLN to almost 11 billion PLN (about 2,5 billion euros),” reads the article.

Gazeta Polska quotes Jadwiga Emilevich, Minister of entrepreneurship and technology Poland:

“This industry definitely has good qualities, she has established production and logistics, it is elastic but it has problems with sales and marketing.”

“Polish the furniture is not associated with buyers with the Polish production, since it is often sold under foreign brands. The majority of Polish producers offer their furniture to foreign contractors who subsequently sell it as their own In this regard, customers do not know what the furniture in their apartments were made in Poland,” reads the article.

The government of Poland represented by the Minister of entrepreneurship and technology Jadwiga Emilevich took the initiative to mark the Polish furniture logo Smart Furniture. Made in Poland.

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