Pidruchny: “Skiing today drove superbly”

Dmitry Pidruchny / Photos

Ukrainian biathlete Dmitry Pidruchny after the finish at the 20th place in the sprint race in Ruhpolding admitted that he really liked the work of course, but shooting leaves a lot to be desired.

“My standing shooting I really did not like. Slip this pretty far, had to postpone the shot, but I am, as they say, freaked out well and paid for it a good place . Skis of today generally drove superbly, first round I went with tarjei boe and not something that ran in it, but pretty well rode with him. Skiing very much. Second round, maybe not turned out well, and the third tried to give maximum. View on analysis, I hope to move everything was fine. Shoulder is not so disturbing. In Munich made certain of the procedure and is much easier, although it’s a little still makes itself felt”.

We will remind, at 15.30 on Kiev time at the start of the sprint race will be girls. On our portal available live stream of the race.

Well, on Saturday the biathletes will start the relay race, which at an earlier stage in Oberhof Ukrainian team to complete could not.

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