Photo: looks Like a small business in Belarus

No, it’s not a strike.

The leader of the entrepreneurs Anatol Shumchanka published disappointing photos illustrating the situation in which turned out to be a small business.

“The market in Borisov, “spatkanne”, weekday. No, it’s not a strike. There is simply no trade — says the leader of the NGO “Perspective”.

Here is a photo from Barysau market explain entrepreneur: “it looks like the last time. Probably, many people are tired to watch shutters… Pokupateley not at all… I go every day… Needs someone to protect?(laugh)

But seriously, tired of people from all….”.

Meanwhile, Lukashenko at the meeting with the Swiss politician: “We are ready to give Swiss business the most favorable conditions for investment”.

“Of course it’s fine, but when the national business will be given the same conditions?”, — asks Anatol Shumchanka.