Petrov post 2017: a calendar of food every day

2017 Petrov post – one of four multi-day fasts. It will last a month – from 12 June to 11 July inclusive. We’ve assembled a calendar of food days that you can eat in Peter’s post.
Petrov post always ends July 12, the commemoration day of saints Peter and Paul, and begins a week after the Holy Trinity, on Monday.
Calendar power in the fast of the apostles
During Peter’s fast in cooking can be baked, broiled, boiled or just eaten raw.
During Peter’s fast is not to eat meals where there is meat, milk or vegetable oil.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday (12 Jun, 14 Jun, 16 Jun, 19 Jun, 21 Jun, 23 Jun, 26 Jun, 28 Jun, 30 Jun, 3 July, 5 July, 7 July, 10 July).
Stick shoedini – this means that the diet is not to add cooked food and vegetable oil.
You can eat once a day after 15:00.
When shoedini allowed to eat bread, salt, fresh fruit and vegetables, dried fruits, nuts and honey.
In order not to harm the health, if shoedini is recommended to drink plenty of water.
Tuesday, Thursday (13 Jun, 15 Jun, 20 Jun, 22 Jun, 27 Jun, 29 Jun, 4 Jul, 6 Jul, July 11).
Allowed to eat boiled food, without oil, twice a day.
Saturday and Sunday (17 June, 18 June, 24 June, 25 June, 1 July, 2 July, 8 July, 9 July).
Food can be eaten hot with vegetable oil. You can also cook the fish. You can eat twice a day.

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