People were crying, and Catholics sang softly, and writer Irena Karpa about the fire at Notre Dame

Ukrainian writer Irena Karpa, who lives some years in the French Paris in the fall of 2018 the third time, married a descendant of Victor Hugo, Louis-Cyril Trebuchet, left his own arguments and memories about the legendary Notre Dame Cathedral.

Yesterday, April 15 in the evening of the fire at Notre Dame, she visited the site of a terrible fire, and even kept the video in his Facebook.

Then Irena Karpa is reported that the first firefighters rescued works of art, and about the scene of the tragedy people felt “scratchy throat and a headache” yellow smoke from sulphate (technical name some heavy metals).

Irena Karpa informed users about the fire at Notre Dame / Screenshot from FB

After 9 hours of fighting with fire and extinguish the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame Irena Karpa has shared a new Instagram message. In it she noted that: “Notre Dame to the Parisians – an incredibly powerful symbol. Even if you’re not a Catholic, not a critic and not a tourist that wants a selfie on the background of the rotunda, you are very painful to watch as burns that seemed eternal.”

She also added that it was difficult to understand the “fragility of the art”, indeed, among the day-to-day a monument of architecture is perceived as something eternal and immutable.

People were crying, just standing on the quays and bridges. Catholics quietly sang a hymn to the virgin Mary – a very surreal moment to stand there in the night. But we-Cyril Trebuchet talked about the fact that every day passed by with a dog walking, metro went and saw the Cathedral as something that is inviolable and will be there always, something what I’m looking at peripheral vision. It’s so frustrating – to understand the fragility of art. Nothing is eternal, regardless of whatever security system was not powerful, whatever strong was the Museum walls… Everything is lovely – a mandate from the sand, which sooner or later destined to vanish as we talked with Julia Weber. Moreover, it is necessary to appreciate the moments of beauty. They are fleeting,
– left heartfelt thoughts Irena Karpa in social networks.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Does, polirani Irena Karpa (@qarpa) 16 KV R. 2019 12:44 PDT


I should add that the Ukrainian writer Irena Karpa 2015 is the first Secretary for cultural Affairs of the Embassy of Ukraine in France. Also in 2016, she acted as the curator of the series of events in Paris, and in 2018 at the Paris book fair, even handed to the President of France Emmanuel Makron the book illegally a prisoner in Russia Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov. Therefore, her life for many years closely associated with Paris, causing the destruction of cultural monument, it also, as other celebrities have taken personally.

What is known about the fire in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame: watch the video


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