People came under an avalanche in the ski resorts of new Mexico


The avalanche was the reason that guests of the ski resort Taos Ski Valley were buried under snow. The number of people trapped under an avalanche in new Mexico is unknown. The two pulled out of drifts.

An avalanche at a ski resort new Mexico buried at least two people, but the search continues because other skiers, too, could be on its way.

The avalanche came down at 11:30 a.m. Thursday in the area near Taos Kachina peak. Bobby Lucero, Manager of the emergency Department of the County of Taos, says that to establish the exact number of possible victims of the avalanche is not yet possible, so rescuers continue searching.

The saved state is unknown, but they are alive. Both were taken to the hospital by helicopter.

Today in some regions of new Mexico have dropped twice as much snow than usual in January.