Pensioners began to deny accrual of pension: how to avoid trouble

“Work, work and work again” – this motto is offered to implement those citizens who expect to receive a pension insurance. Meanwhile, the Russian senior citizens close to retirement age seriously concerned about the news that in retirement may be denied. And not just can, but a bounce has already been recorded. The reason is insufficient number of accumulated pension points.

photo: Denis Medvedev

Until 2015 pensions in Russia everything was much easier. The basis for its calculation was just experience and age. Now, this is not enough to get a pension insurance, citizens must be holders of a certain number of points. By 2025, their number would be equal to thirty.

– The main thing to remember citizens, the pension will be appointed to any person who has reached retirement age, specialists are encouraging one of the centres of legal support. – Another thing is that we are talking about social pensions.

We will remind, this year the average social pension is more than 9 thousand rubles. While insurance — more than 14 thousand rubles. For this amount, and is to accumulate points. Their number depends on seniority, and official salaries, the amount of pension contributions and age of retirement. If with experience and age is more or less clear, the points put the Russians to a standstill. Already been cases when people were denied the appointment of pension due to their lack. What to do in this case? First, pre-calculate approximate pension on actual online calculator on the website of the Pension Fund of Russia. If points are insufficient, out of this situation a little bit.

– Will have to continue to work until until you accumulate the required amount of points, – the expert center of legal support Oleg.

The maximum amount of points you can receive for the year to ten. By 2025, the required number to receive the pension will be equal to thirty.

But there is good news. Current pension legislation provides for the accrual of additional points. For example, 1.8 points given to those citizens who have passed urgent military service on an appeal, as well as the parent who cares for one child up to 1.5 years. If there are two children — piggy Bank falling 3.6 points, and three or more children is 5.4 points. Also “awarded” the care of a disabled or elderly person — in the amount of 1.8 points.

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