Pears give a better harvest after the autumn feeding

Summer pears are fed as soon as he collected the fruit. In the same way, and Apple – says Elena shportko, 37 years old, from the city of Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Now is the time to fertilize trees for the winter. Then it won’t freeze next year will produce a bountiful harvest.

Fall fertilizing allows to store nutrients in the roots. This increases the resistance of plants to frost. Spring fertilizing accelerates the growth.

Zamachivaem 1 kg of fresh dung in 15 liters of water. Insists two days, add 3 tbsp. of superphosphate and 2 tablespoons of potassium sulfate. If longer, the ammonia will erode. Mixing and watering for each tree bucket.

– Sprinkled with kalimagnesia to avoid magnesium deficiency. If it is not enough, the leaves are covered with yellow spots. It is necessary to dissolve 2 grams of the substance in a liter of water and watered the tree. This makes the soil in the garden luxuriant. To do this, sawdust was added dropwise under the barrel.

Also from mid-September by sanitary pruning fruit trees. Remove dead and disease branches. The sections necessarily misses garden putty or clay, diluted with water to a thick cream.


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