Peacekeepers in Ukraine: what a country could allocate contingent

The entry of peacekeepers in the Donbas — the idea, in General, is not new. It is constantly discussed in political circles and in the media. This season it was proposed to introduce in the South-East of Ukraine peacekeeping force, numbering about 20 thousand people, moreover, contingent, according to the authors of such proposals should be as neutral as possible. Who can be considered neutral, “MK” has learned from the expert.

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Author of the photo: Geoffrey C. Gunn.

A report on the possibility of deployment of peacekeeping forces was prepared at the request of Rasmussen Global (it belongs to the former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen). According to the author of the report — the study was a personal initiative of Rasmussen and will be sent to all interested parties, including likely the U.S. representative to NATO Kurt Volker before the Munich security conference.

The chances that the U.S. will lead this contingent is very small. Therefore, it is suggested that it could be military from countries that are not members of NATO (e.g. Austria, Sweden and others), CIS countries and even in Latin America.

Russia considers this contingent solely as the guarantor of the security of OSCE staff, but Kiev sees the peacekeepers, apparently, the other benefit for themselves.

Leading researcher of military and strategic studies Oleg Nemensky believes that initially, you need to understand someone with whom you need to reconcile.

To say that any plan of deployment of peacekeeping forces everyone to speak difficult. Ukraine wants not peace, but the occupation mission, that is, in simple terms, a mission to restore sovereignty and control over the territories of the republics. And transparent about this — said the expert – And such a mission implies a force Ghost in obedience to the Kiev authorities to move in and the management team. And this will be followed by the necessary repression, according to the developed law on the reintegration of Donbass. And his trial should go all who in any way cooperated with the authorities of the republics.

In addition, Oleg Nemensky has pointed out that according to this law, the conflict in the South-East that the conflict is not internal, and international, between Russia and Ukraine.

– And this is contrary to the Minsk agreements — said he, – and then the question of peacekeepers need to enter in what version? If Minsk (accept that the conflict is internal), the peacekeepers should be placed between the warring parties. And if you come from another version of that mirotvorcy should be introduced between Ukraine and Russia that is on the border.

In his opinion, the law on reintegration of Donbas will be signed after the Munich security conference, and therefore the issue of the peacekeeping contingent will be even more ambiguous

In this case, what forces will consist of the peacekeepers does not matter, is not yet approved format, the ideology of the entry of this population.. If it is the peacemakers between the republics and the Ukraine — of course the presence of the Russian, Belarusian and Polish military, but if it is the peacekeepers on the demarcation of Russia and Ukraine, and the mission should be different. Russia on such a format does not agree.

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