Pay your bills: explained who would lose the subsidy

In March, pensioners are paid about 4 billion UAH of subsidies in cash. Photo: Malinska msica happy

The Ukrainians, who issued the grant until 31 December 2018, the February assistance received in cash “on hand”. Now responsible for the entire amount of public services, said Vitaly muzichenko, head of the Directorate of family and social support Ministry of social policy.

“For those who applied for grants after January 1, introduced the cashless form. Funds are transferred to Oschadbank, which considers them in accordance with the personal records of each subsidence. Next, is calculated for utility providers. In both cases, the algorithm of calculation of amount of subsidy has not changed. People get the same amount, which was previously credited to the accounts of suppliers,” explains Vitaly Muzychenko.

In March, pensioners are paid about 4 billion UAH of subsidies in cash. Other subsidiaty the end of the month can still receive money at branches of the Bank.

“Now households manage their consumption. Thus can save. Providers do not need to conduct additional consumer feedback. After all, citizens pay for housing and communal services in full. Some do it at the expense of own incomes. Others helps the state”, – said Vitaly Muzychenko.

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According to him, the government would not return to the old system of calculating subsidies.

“The law requires that from 1 January the aid consisted of cash. The only question is cash or non-cash. At the same time, citizens need to understand that trust funds should primarily be used to pay for housing and communal services. The money saved can be spent on medicine or food. If at the end of the heating period, citizens will have the debt to pay for the projects, the subsidy for the following periods will not reassign”, – said Vitaly Muzychenko.

From March 1 to pay the subsidy money. Cash assistance received at 3.37 million households, the Ministry said. Subsidianes paid UAH 5.7 billion. The average amount of aid amounted to UAH 1676. It depends on income and household composition, a set of services.


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