Partner Xiaomi has released a smart feeder for Pets

The partner company Xiaomi – Smart Pet Feeder has created a new interesting gadget Smart Pet Feeder. This is a smart feeder for Pets. The novelty is introduced on a crowdfunding platform.

What can the device. This is an automatic feeder that can be set to different times serving food. To control the device with your smartphone: use the app, you can choose different portions.

The bowl feeder has a weight sensor, so that the user can control how much the animal ate. In addition, the device features an infrared sensor that monitors the presence of food in the trough.

If the feed is not sufficient, the user receives a reminder.

The Smart Pet Feeder is synchronized with the smartphone

Tank capacity Smart Pet Feeder is 4 liters, which is enough to store about 2 kg of feed. Built-in bowl made of 304 stainless steel that is easy to wash and not easy to grow bacteria.

Anyone interested. Such a gadget will be useful to users who travel frequently or traveling.

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