Partner NASA said that aliens live among us

The entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, who heads the company, is actively collaborating with NASA, in an interview to the American television reported that the aliens, in his opinion, have long been on Earth. This announcement has been made live.


The company, headed by Bigelow, has already created an inflatable module BEAM, which in 2016 was deployed on the ISS, and today continues to work wit h the American space Agency to train various missions for space research. However, one of the main answers, to find which should help this research alone if humanity in the Universe is in fact already known, says the entrepreneur. In his opinion, the aliens not only exist, but are we “under the nose”.

Details as to what exactly caused such confidence, Bigelow announced. Not he told and how did the activities of his company to obtain any evidence in favor of the existence on earth of aliens. Anyway, Bigelow is convinced that aliens have already landed on Earth and now live on it.

Answering the leading question of the interview, did not consider whether the businessman’s statement of this position risk to their reputation, Bigelow stated that the opinions of others are not too interested because it will not change “the reality that he knows.”

It should be noted, the vast majority of serious scientists are quite sceptical about the version that on Earth may be alien or even alien technology. The probability that in the distant cosmos there may exist extraterrestrial civilizations, some researchers believe is very high, however, according to most experts, is hardly “brothers in mind” has ever appeared on earth with a “personal visit”.

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