Participant of “dancing with the stars 2017” supported Babkina in recognition of the aggressor

Ukrainian actor and Director of the Crimean Tatar origin Ahtem Seitablaev commented on the situation around by Sergey Babkin.
We will remind, on 7 October in Lviv the activists disrupted the concert of Sergey Babkin, who is accused of road in Russia came even before the clashes. Subsequently, after the broken of the Lviv concert, the musician decided to cancel their performance and more in Ternopil.
However, on 12 October before one of the concerts Babkina in the river, in front of the city Palace of culture of machine builders, where was held a concert of Sergei recognized Russia as the aggressor and that the Crimea is occupied territory of Ukraine. Only after that the activists from “Right sector” and “Svoboda” left the room and started the concert.
Ahtem Seitablaev not left behind and reacted in “KP” in Ukraine” the statement of the musician Sergey Babkina. In his opinion, he enrolled as a real man because only real men tend to “admit their mistakes”.
We communicate with Sergei behind the scenes of “Dancing with the stars”. Judging from private conversations, I have formed the impression that he is a patriot of his country, wants to live here, educate their children here and he understands what’s going on. We all are human and everyone makes mistakes. But it men to admit their mistakes. In this sense, Sergei — male — said Akhtem.
Also, the actor said that he supports the President. “I support Sergei Babkin. Rightly said. Russia — the aggressor”.
By the way, Ahtem Seitablaev involved in the dance project “dancing with the stars 2017”. This season his partner on the floor has become a well-known Ukrainian choreographer Elena Shoptenko. For all 7 editions of the show, the pair were able to walk up to 8 live broadcast, which is expected this Sunday, October 15, at 21:00.

Ahtem Seitablaev and Alain Shoptenko

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