Palm branches on palm Sunday 2017: how much should be and how to decorate

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Palm Sunday 2017


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The entry of Christ into Jerusalem (palm Sunday) is a Christian feast celebrated on the Sunday a week before Easter.

Palm branches are one of the main attributes and symbols of palm Sunday before Easter 2017. We will tell you what they mean, how many willow twigs need on palm Sunday for the service. As well as show examples of how to decorate with willow on palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday always are associated with an important attribute of this day – palm branches. In our countries, they came to replace the palm branches that were laid on the earth, the inhabitants of Jerusalem when Jesus entered their city.

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In the night of palm Sunday it is customary to come to Church with palm branches that it will sanctify . After the service, taking it home, believing that after touching the willow branches, you can receive healing from disease. During this period, willow branches become a symbol of the meeting of Jesus with people who saw in Him the Messiah after he raised Lazarus from the dead.

When tearing the willow on palm Sunday

Willow supposed to tear on Lazarus Saturday – the day before palm Sunday. Do it on Saturday because of the palm branches need to come to the light of Holy water, which starts tonight.

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How many willow twigs need on palm Sunday – in this issue there is no single answer, as the willow branches we are the Church as a symbol. Some are trying to disrupt the number of unpaired branches, while others take on the service, the number of willow twigs, which corresponds to the number of family members.

How to decorate a willow on palm Sunday

Someone may want to make a decoration of willow on palm Sunday with their hands. Here we have a lot of wonderful options. One of the most simple, yet beautiful, options for the use of willow in decor can be a beautiful bouquet that you have gathered with your own hands.

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There is another option of decorating the pussy willow on palm Sunday holds a little secret – for the decor on the eve of Easter 2017 using artificial willow branches. One can weave a wreath or a small basket.

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