Palkin: “unlike Turkey to the UAE was difficult to find sparring partners”

Sergei Palkin /

Director General “Shakhtar” Sergei Palkin summed up the two duties of a club in Turkey and compared them with previous training camps in the UAE.

“Turkey is very much pleased and surprised us. From the point of view of the infrastructure – all at a good quality level, in terms of weather – is also an acceptable situation.

The most important thing – quite a lot of sparring partners, with whom you can negotiate on the date and time that you need. In addition, you can choose the opponents by force.

When we went to the Emirates infrastructure is there, too, the quality is super. But to find the appropriate sparring partners then it was quite difficult.”

February 7, Shakhtar completed the preparations for the spring part of the season.

Already on 14 February the team will play against “Eintracht” in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League.

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