Palkin: Fred will be able to return in July 2017



Director General “Shakhtar” Sergei Palkin told about the situation with the disqualification of Fred.


– I hope we have put an end to this issue. Fred had headaches as a result of flights. He was given some medicine. Took a very long time, and it is difficult to understand how that found it, was in the blood. There have been many tests, there were many conversations with the footballer himself, and we came to the conclusion that “something” was given to him in the national team. There were a lot of discussions between lawyers Fred WADA (World anti-doping Agency – ed.) and CONMEBOL (South American football Confederation – ed.) and soon had to be made the final decision. The parties came to an agreement to suspend Fred from football for 2 years, starting July 2015. Thus, it will be able to return in July 2017 .

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About the solution:

– This decision was not spontaneous, the negotiations lasted for a month. Fred understood everything and was mentally prepared. We believe that this is still a good idea – could be much worse. Court of arbitration for sport, which is the case, fortunately, never came, never considering the reasons. He comes to the law: doping – suspended for 2 years, and from the date of the judgment. With regards to fines – none of it makes sense, because the player is not to blame.

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About the contract:

– When we signed the new contract, we knew this would be the consideration of the question and a decision. So is there a special option under which the agreement will be automatically extended for the period of potential disqualification of the player.

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About the team:

For Fred Fonseca is a key performer and it was a difficult situation. Fred hard to compete, because it’s a world – class footballer and he can play in any club. The team has rotation players who can get their time on the field during the absence of the Brazilian.

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