PAK DA – the prospect of long-range aviation

PAK DA – the prospective aviation complex long-range aviatsionnoy complex of distant aircraft PAK YES, work on which started a few years ago, will complement the existing capabilities of the “White Swan” Tu-160 and will be another military tool military strategic aviation of Russia…


“Flying wing” with the effect of stealth: what is the new perspective aviation complex of Distant aircraft

The Author – Dmitry Sergeyev

With the resumption of production of the legendary “White swans” – a supersonic strategic missile-carrying bomber Tu-160 with variable sweep wing, reiterated his theme of creating a promising aviation complex distant aviation (PAK DA).

Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TRK “Star”; the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute

Undoubtedly, the Tu-160M2 (this machine will replace Russia in videoconferencing model “model” 160-series) have exceeded their time and will continue to remain the leader in its segment. However, today we are talking about the concept of further development of the Arsenal of domestic long-range aircraft . The new complex, work on which started a few years ago, should complement the existing capabilities of the “White Swan” and become another reliable fighting tool of strategic military aviation of Russia.

Missile, air and spaceport

That the project PAK DA is not delayed “until better times”, and is implemented as planned, announced some time ago the Deputy Minister of defense of Russia Yuri Borisov in charge of the Department relations with the defence industry. During another visit to the Kazan aircraft factory, he not only started the conversation on this topic, but even announced the anticipated first flight of the complex – 2025-2026.

“Serial production of the PAK DA is scheduled for 2028-2029 years,” said Deputy defense Minister of the Russian Federation, stressing that the characteristics of the new complex will be much better than all of the existing long-range aircraft.

Today, the concept of PAK DA has already acquired shape. According to scientific Director of the State research Institute of aviation systems, academician Yevgeny Fedosov the developers of the missile are already protected by appropriate preliminary design. Confirmed the existence of the project “aircraft of the future” and PJSC “Tupolev”, and, according to some reports, even created a prototype, made on a scale of 1:10. Experts say the aviation segment, we are talking about a fundamentally new aircraft with modern sighting and navigation complex, capable to apply all existing and promising types of aircraft armament, equipped with the latest communication systems and electronic warfare. It is noteworthy that the machine can be used not only as a missile but also to assume the functions range interceptor and even to some extent be used as flying platforms for launching spacecraft from the stratosphere. In General, according to experts, it is a system that can execute a wide range of tasks of combat use in various conditions.

The project of the aircraft while indicated only schematically, contour, detail the General public, he is not represented. From available public sources, we can conclude that the car will be made on a “flying wing” – configuration, in which the role the fuselage plays the wing, carrying all the units, the crew and payload. It is also known that the plane decided to make subsonic: a large wingspan and the design features do not allow him to overcome the speed of sound. However, as noted in several sources, will be provided the reduced visibility to radar, that is, the car will be manufactured with the use of stealth technologies. Overall, the aircraft must surpass in its characteristics, a current model of a flying missile, and not only domestic but also Western. For example, through improved scheme airframe and new engines, the PAK DA will have the opportunity of a long stay in the air, will be able to take off and land in any conditions to take on Board the widest possible range of weapons.

According to the principle of reasonable sufficiency

Closest competitors PAK – American Northrop B-2 Spirit and B-1B Lancer – play our model on a number of parameters. By the way, Russia and the USA are the only world powers that have in their armed forces, strategic aviation. So what is inferior planes overseas production? The only differences are, for example, reception of the payload that the Americans, represented mainly by bombs, not missiles. In addition to the Pentagon’s budget, even with its enormous size, the contents of this type of technology is becoming more and more burdensome. It is known, for example, that the cost B-2 Spirit exceed fantastic $ 2 billion not by chance the program of the release of these aircraft was phased out after the release of only two dozen such cars. It is possible that for this reason the project of the future strategist Long Range Strike Bomber LRS-B now postponed until at least the mid 30-ies of this century.

The Russian development of such huge expenditures is not intended. According to reports, the basic design of the PAK DA will be relatively inexpensive composite materials. Not so expensive to come and the project, including supplies of titanium material that is widely applied in aircraft building such appointments. We should not forget that Russia is the world’s second largest (after China) the owner of the reserves of this metal. Moreover, the Russian metallurgical company “VSMPO-AVISMA» it is considered the largest in the world producing titanium and its products, as well as the world’s only titanium company with full cycle of production – from raw material processing to finished products.

Naturally, possessing such raw material and technical basis, based, in particular, on the successful production of the unsurpassed characteristics of the Tu-160, our country will be more confident and not so painful to your budget to produce modern equipment for the strategic air command. As noted by the Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov, The PAK DA was going after the restoration of the Tu-160, and therefore before the industry put the request to re-use equipment and technological approaches. This applies, for example, to avionics, which is planned at the Tu-160M2: it should be as complete as possible to migrate to PAK DA.

“Where it is possible to unify and to save on training, we do this to reduce the cost projects”, – said Yuri Borisov.

As for the weapons, then there was information that the rockets will be equipped with the PAK DA, will receive functions of artificial intelligence, as well as the range of combat use up to 7 thousand kilometers. Hero of Russia, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev until recently holding a post of the commander of HQs, said that the missiles for the new aircraft will have the ability to analyze the aerial and radar environment and on the basis of this analysis to decide on the height and speed of his flight.

“Such missiles already have, we are working on them,” – said General Bondarev.

By the way, with the availability of modern means of destruction associated with the lack of the PAK DA capabilities at supersonic speed. As noted by the Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov requirements to the speed of flight today is not so relevant in the presence of air weapons new features.

“Missiles begin to shoot farther, faster, on the approach of the hypersonic, so we do not put by the aircraft long-term appearance of long-range aircraft such serious requirements for its flight characteristics,” – emphasizes the Deputy head of the Russian military.

The concept of perfection

“Strategic aviation complex long-range aircraft currently and in the future will be one of the most important weapons systems of the air force – believes the military expert, major General in reserve, candidate of military Sciences, Professor Alexander Tsymbalov. In this regard, the main purpose of the PAK DA is presented as, first, strategic (nuclear) deterrence and combat operations as part of the strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation, and secondly, deterrence (not strategic, not nuclear) and combat operations in conflicts, local and regional wars with conventional weapons as part of groups of troops (forces) on the continental and marine (ocean) theaters of war”.

With regard to the tasks of strategic deterrence associated with the threat of destruction in the event of hostilities an important administrative, economic and military objects, the main requirements for PAK DA, according to experts, are Intercontinental reach guarantee the use of weapons for strategic purposes, which provided a high survival rate while overcoming the system of enemy air defenses and use precision-guided weapons from long range.

“And the Long Range Strike Bomber LRS-B, and our going around in one direction, – said the expert of the portal Avia.pro Valery Smirnov. And there we have abandoned the hypersonic regime, and also from supersonic cruise mode because of the high cost of development. The complex PAK-DA will be subsonic, which will be offset by implementation of complex of measures on stealth and the use of hypersonic missiles, long-range missiles, which are already being developed by the concern “Tactical missiles”. The best possible quality of the American counterpart, stealth decided to compensate for long-range cruise missiles and hypersonic speed. These missiles will allow from a greater distance to produce a run, that will minimize the interaction with air defense of the enemy.”

To the obvious advantages of the future Russian machinery for long-range aviation expert also include better uniform positioning system, which will not have a hard peg to the navigation satellites and , therefore, will be more effective in the state of electronic warfare. The aircraft to be equipped with integrated strapdown navigation system based on fiber-optic gyroscopes.

“United instrument Corporation developed a unique communication system for future aircraft. Structure of Corporation rostec is connected to the creation of a bomber of the future, and so it really is a promising aviation complex of the future,” concludes Valery Smirnov.




PAK DA –the prospective aviation complex long-range aviation



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