At the airport of the Dnieper found the bomb

Departmental on-site filling station of the international airport “Dnepropetrovsk” during carrying out land works found obsolete ammunition during the Second world war. Photo: Ukrainian truth

In the river temporarily suspended the work of the international airport “Dnepropetrovsk” for the detection of obsolete munitions. According to the state service for emergency situations.

March 7, DSNS received information that the river on the territory of the departmental filling stations of the international airport “Dnepropetrovsk” during carrying out land works found the outdated ammunition of times of world war 2 bombs SC-10.

Ammunition is not removed in connection with the possible presence in the lands of other explosive items. The operation of the airport temporarily suspended.

Rescuers attracted pyrotechnic calculation. Organized protection and the alternation of the Department of fire safety service of the airport. Continuation of works is planned for today.

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Near Kiev, Boryspil district faced wagon Renault and Peugeot 307 CC. Killed two men and a woman from the car.


The scientist told about a new discovery: the ability to remember is transmitted through blood

Grape snail Helix lucorum.

— There is still a way to give up forever the flour!

— Snails and humans, similar physiological responses and neurochemistry of the nervous system. You would help people to avoid cakes with a Taser, but such radical experiments we conduct can not (smiles).

So, back to my trip to Hungary… the Coincidence of the results of our and American experiments, it was vivid proof that, even separated by the iron curtain, scientists think in the same direction. But by itself the scientific idea is worth nothing without confirmations, no experiments. Who made the first — and laurels. The American results came out a little earlier in Experimental Biology, and mine — in the “Journal of higher nervous activity them. I. P. Pavlova”, which while also actively read throughout the world.

Compare brains

Now you could say that still are on the same level with their overseas colleagues?

— On ideas — Yes, but experimentally, alas, far behind. Now in the leading countries adopted a national programme for the study of the brain, the whole world is already working on a good, modern technology. We also talked about this. Continue reading “The scientist told about a new discovery: the ability to remember is transmitted through blood”

“Brooklyn” has dismissed head coach

Kenny Atkinson / photos DraftKings Nation

It is reported that the acting head coach until the end of the season will be assistant Atkinson Jacque Vaughn. It is worth noting that Atkinson became the head coach of “Brooklyn” in 2016, when the team led the restructuring of the composition. Last season, the nets managed to get into the playoffs (42-40), and then in the offseason-2019 the club has signed market superstars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Wolfsburg before the game with “Shakhtar” took points from one of the leaders in the Bundesliga

Wolfsburg and Leipzig played a draw /Photo: Twitter

In the 25th round of the championship of Germany “Wolfsburg” took “Leipzig”.

The game was played at a dynamic pace, but chances rarely came.

The team failed to score against each other.

0:0, “Wolfsburg” take the points “Leipzig” before the game against Shakhtar Donetsk in the Europa League, which will be held on March 12.

Standings in the Bundesliga.

The Bundesliga, the 25-th round

Wolfsburg – Leipzig 0:0

Wolfsburg: Castells, Brooks, Knoche, Paulo Otávio, Slager, Gerhardt, Arnold, Steffen (Roussillon, 84), Brekalo (Klaus, 77), Weghorst, Mehmedi (Joao Victor, 64).

Leipzig: Gulacy, Pamakani, Klostermann, Halstenberg, Angelina (Luqman, 81), Sabitzer, Laimer, Forsberg (Olmo, 60), Nkunku, Chic, Poulsen (Werner, 60).

Warning: Laimer (41), Pamakani (57), Paulo Otávio (64) Weghorst (78), Olmo (90).


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Rescuers have passed to the strengthened mode of service

Rescuers have passed to the strengthened mode of service
13:39 Today, the Telegraph, Interfax-Ukraine Photo: gschs Ukraine news:March 7-9 division of the State service of Ukraine on emergency situations passed to the strengthened mode of service.

During carrying out in Ukraine in the period of holidays and weekends, from 7 to 9 March unit of the State emergency service are transferred to the strengthened mode of service, the press service of the SSES.

“This period will be increased monitoring of technogenic and fire safety Continue reading “Rescuers have passed to the strengthened mode of service”

Coronavirus: PCU encourages members not to come up with alternative ways of communion

Coronavirus: PCU encourages members not to come up with alternative ways of communion
13:38 of Today’s Telegraph UNIAN Photo: Facebook Ukraine news:At DNC urges Ukrainians to observe the rules of hygiene and not to look for alternative ways of communion.

A new type of coronavirus during communion, when the believers drink wine from a spoon, to get impossible. It will also lead to the spread of the disease.

Ukrainians in the Church suggest to follow the recommendations according to the health and strengthening immunity. This was Metropolitan ptsu Dmitriy Rudiuk wrote on the page in Facebook.

He urged not to sow panic among people and not to invent alternative ways of communion, for “those who utilize, are fallen and spiritually deceived Christians. Continue reading “Coronavirus: PCU encourages members not to come up with alternative ways of communion”

Biathlon: today in Nove mesto will be the classic relay

Biathlon: today in Nove mesto will be the classic relay
13:37 Today, the Telegraph UKRINFORM news sport:the First race of the competition day will start at 15:00 Kyiv time.

At the seventh stage of the biathlon world Cup in Nove mesto (Czech Republic) on Saturday, March 7, will host women’s and men’s relay.

In the women’s 4×6 km race at 15.00 on the Kiev time Ukraine will be represented by Anastasiya Merkushyna, Yuliya Jim, Valia Semerenko and Olena Pidhrushna, who received the 6th starting number.

Men’s relay 4×7,5 km, which will start at 18.00, will be held with the participation of Ukrainians Artem Prima, Sergei Semenov, Ruslan Tkalenko and Dmytro Pedrucho (No. 10).

Biathlon. The results of the women’s sprint in Nove mesto 5.03.20 (Photos, Video)

The Czech stage of the world Cup will end on March 8 mass starts. Continue reading “Biathlon: today in Nove mesto will be the classic relay”

Vice-President of “LUKOIL” Oil will never be expensive as it was ten years ago

illustrative Photo

Leonid Fedun predicted the era of cheap oil in the next 10 years.

Vice President and co-owner of “LUKOIL” Leonid Fedun said that oil “will never become expensive as they were ten years ago.”

According to the Russian top-Manager, the era of cheap oil will continue at least until 2040, writes TASS.

Its forecast for the top Manager explained the excessive output due to shale oil in the United States. He noted that the actions of the President of the United States to expand shale production, “undoubtedly, extended the life of the carbon fuel” as alternative technologies are not “economically viable only at an oil price of $80 per barrel.”

According to forecasts Fedun, by mid-March the price of oil will return to $60 per barrel. In his opinion, this will happen after the March OPEC meeting+. Because of falling demand for oil amid coronavirus OPEC+ can go to the reduction of production from 600,000 barrels to 1 million or more, I’m sure a top Manager.

Belarus and Russia signed a gas supply contract

In the agreement made and signed changes.

Moscow and Minsk signed a Protocol amending the agreement on the procedure of price formation for Russian gas supplies to Belarus and its transportation via gas pipelines in the country. This document opens the way for cooperation between the countries in 2020, quoted by TASS message of the energy Ministry of the Russian Federation.

“The document opens the possibility for further mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries in the sphere of gas supplies to Belarus in 2020”, – notes the Agency.

The Protocol on amending the agreement of 25 November 2011 were signed by the Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak and Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko.

As previously reported, on 7 February, the countries agreed on the price of gas until 2021. Russia will continue to supply gas on the terms of 2019, i.e. at a price of $127 per thousand cubic meters.