Koristuvach Windows 7 not popsat of perehoditi on the “top ten”, Microsoft Lama head

Laptop photo: Pixabay

today, 13:07

Have Seredin January, Microsoft prepidila Patrico operatine system Windows 7 gitti cycle eco Sklave bilshe ten rokiv. TSE spravochno masovi purehd koristuvach “SMCI” on Aktualno Windows 10. However, not all swailes on purehd, after Windows 10 as je Velicina number nedolov, that so I don’t versile push stroke declick years.

Windows 10, gettyimages

In the period z CNCA Grodna on kinets January of karystalnika base Windows 7 smencils on Vier procentnih of punkty: s of 29.6% to 25.6%. In Tsey hour share comp uteru I noutbuku pid upravlinnia “tens” vers s of 53.4% to 57.1%.

Similar, Windows 7, ” Dali bude cristobalite selectnow popularity, not Dharma . primaute Yak naybilsh udalo OS from Microsoft.

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Windows 10, gettyimages

Obov’yazkovo papishes on our channel Viber, not dwellers of propustiti niccas.

Naadam scho Google has Provadia in smartphone GooGle Pixel 4 feature, Yak vzhe long time working in the iPhone from Apple. Similar, I have lubitel Android z be independent mozliwosci oceniti function.

Yak povidomlyav Know.ia company Xiaomi polphil robot Cameri Xiaomi Mi 10. Given the scho on ciogodnichnyu day smartphone Volod krasou camera in the company versile not state on f, and polphil algoritmi obrobki photos, dwellers to do h dealine.

Takozh Know.ia povidomlyav, that merezhi showed nipotini the comp’lately have in. He is wykonujace miliardi of samdani per second, and dopomozhe venim rosnoblet Novi LCI, ABO W stimulati robot space ABO cosmona tel.

“That slag!”, – Volodymyr Ostapchuk after rozliczenia Rozhnov ukraïntsiv parody a good dad

Volodymyr Ostapchuk, instagram.com/vova_ostapchuk/

today, 12:58

Popularni Ukrainian televeduschiy, veduchikh “Verbazende” I fall show “Dances with stars z” Volodymyr Ostapchuk, that nedavno saying about rozlouceni s entourage often Radu publc of scrivimi posts in svom Instagram. Znamenitosti after rasstavanie s matr Yu Yogo two kids of the Reindeer Voychenko, Yak of zvynuvachuiemo cholovika in zradah, all castle becoming z they decided to appear on the screen, in Simeria, nabovati great army prihilny I haters. So, the artist Virchow orignale privtate Ducat s Mineralni inocom day on 8 March, snyavshy musicno parody.

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The man’s a knight? ⠀ Since the morning He mysteriously disappeared behind a door and returned with an armful of colors, blurring in a smile, tells, whispers and wishes. ⠀ Congratulations to you all: but Him, even the stupid cards in My MP with a Billboard and a neighbor boy. ⠀ But the main gift for You! ⠀ Today It would be mother. ⠀ He’ll wash, he’ll make (and you will eat it, if edible), he will walk and wash. ⠀ It with a list stand for half an hour in milk, gently sending pictures of baby cereal and Your favorite candy. He is the most collected and nice. ⠀ Today he is trying as never, only in rare moments of shouting: “Your mother”! ⠀ He’s not arguing, he realizes – dad will never become a mother. ⠀ And people like him are millions. Will He be able to stay with the kids all day? Well – at least a couple of hours. ⠀ Watch my new parody and know that He admires the way You’re raising and investing love. ⠀ Link to the full version of the video in the header of the profile👆👆👆 ⠀ Caution! In the video a lot Giz and male pain😂😘 ⠀ #parody #Ostapchuk #Giza #8th March

A post shared by Vladimir Ostapchuk (@vova_ostapchuk) on Mar 8, 2020 at 10:41am PDT

“People znovu of lizar?
S the wound He tamnic the prisoner for guerima I turned s Oberemko KTV, rasplyvayas in USMC, kazhe, sepose I Baja.
You tauti VSI: Krim Demba navti turn listki Viber, MP s bilborda I sustsci of hlopchiki.
Ale head podarunok for You!
Today VIN bude mom.
He himself pomi, he prigoto (I VI CE z STE, if stune), he Vihula I the Viper.
VIN zi list prostate whodini in the dairy, watch nadsilati pictures ditco cash I Toh of Ulublena tsukerok. VIN maximum zbrani I Mily.
Today he startsa Yak Nikoli, only in RDCs of momenti vigorous: “Your matr”!
VIN is not Latsia, VIN Rozum – old man Nikoli is not the camp mom.
I such as VIN – Mlini. Chi smoge VIN pabuti s dtmi all day? Well Garazd – though a couple of hours.
Be surprised my new parody, I know, He zooplus Tim, Yak Ti vicous I Vladas love.
Caution! Have video bagato zhittya I colocho sick😂😘”, – podlive emotsii Ostapchuk. Follower not held POWs, nonetheless Sered pozitivnih komentaru beat I of wt negativnih vdgekw, Yak on Youtube, so I have Instagram.

Obov’yazkovo papishes on our channel Viber, not dwellers of propustiti niccas

Nagado, Ostapchuk after rozliczenia I “s with stars Tanzu” not strumosa.

As the portal “Know.ia” povidomlyav scho Ostapchuk pracowali handcuffs, I locked in CLT.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote scho the Ostapchuk after “Tanzu s with a stars” I Bolshogo rozliczenia completion snadobica relief ukraïntsiv.

Lomachenko patogiu Biy s Lopez

Vasyl Lomachenko, BoxingScene

today, 12:54

World champion for the WBA, WBO I was WBC lightweight Vasyl Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KO’s) held nastupni Biy against volodarja the IBF title Teofino Lopez (15-0, 12 KO’s).

Biy Lomachenko – Lopez zaplanovano 30 travnia, ale pokey not patwardhan itsuno.

Teofilo Lopez I. Vasil Lomachenko boxingscene.com

On their storms in Instagram Lomachenko patogiu date battle of z Lopez.

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Be part of the #LOMA squad May 30th 🥊 #Venum Be part of a Team #LOMA

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“I only trash bachit Groshi”, – Ukrajinka all kraïnu showed svirta odeskogo hrule

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A post shared by LOMA (@lomachenkovasiliy) on Mar 7, 2020 at 3:17am PST

Yak wrote Znayu Lopez Abrasiv its the future of supernice, calling Lomachenko “the Tyrannosaurus Rex W little hands”.

“To me pdiow cholovik z International hall bokserska Slavi and said, that after the battle with Lomachenko stink Boule b rad of ottimati moï gloves. Saying scho mene enable the Audience to glory in a moment. I I stand I think, “Meni vsogo 22 rocky and meni tak seem”. Meni, of course, TSE Bulo Prime.

So, 30 travnia I vidu against Lomachenko. I bitica s a small Tyrannosaurus. Well, with a Tyrannosaurus, that hitachis so from side to side,” said Lopez in nterv Yu Fighthype.

Obov’yazkovo papishes on our channel from Viber, abi not propustiti niccas

Yak wrote Znaia the ESPN calling Biy Lomachenko – Lopez one s naybilsh occupany podenco 2020 rock by incorporating the BII in the top 20.

Biy Lomachenko – Lopez budesa have cut 2020 rock

Yak povidomlyav portal Znayu, posted oftiny poster battle Lomachenko – Lopez.

The United States launched the American-Ukrainian rocket Antares

The rocket is made in the river.

The rocket put into orbit the ship with cargo for the ISS. In the manufacture of “Antares” was attended by experts from the Dnieper river, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv and Chernihiv.

The launch took place on 15 February from the space flight Center at wallops island in the United States. About it censor.net.ua reports citing the press service of the CB “South.”

The booster consists of two steps and space cargo ship Cygnus. The basic construction of the first stage PH, Antares has developed a CB “southern” and made ON “southern machine-building plant them. A. N. Makarov” in cooperation with enterprises of Kharkov, Kiev, Zaporozhye and Chernigov.

The rocket put into orbit cargo ship Cygnus. He order NASA delivered to the ISS almost 4 tons of cargo, including mobile laboratory SpaceLab for the cultivation of tissues and cells, and the space greenhouse in which to grow a radish.

“The project “Antares” — a good example of cooperation of space industry enterprises of Ukraine in international space projects and successful activities in the global market”, — noted in KB “southern”. Continue reading “The United States launched the American-Ukrainian rocket Antares”

Zuckerberg said on the modernization of Facebook since the intervention of Russia

Now, as assured Zuckerberg, Facebook uses a system that is able to distinguish fakes from a living person.

The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, speaking at a security conference in Munich, said that in recent years the social network has made great strides in the issue of intervention in elections from hackers from around the world. Stream the speech of the head of the company was carried on the website of the forum, RBC.

According to him, in 2016, when a referendum on the UK exit from the European Union (Brexit) happened, as demanded by Washington, Russia’s intervention in the presidential elections in the United States, Facebook did not have sufficient resources and extremely slow to respond to the emergence of fake accounts and publishing false information.

Since, as noted by Zuckerberg, was the big number of choices. “We defended their integrity and justice. And here we are not talking about hackers. We develop new methods of dealing with this [phenomenon],” said he.

Under this, as the head of Facebook, refers to control systems based on artificial intelligence that can identify the fake accounts, its behavior resembles the actions of a real user. Continue reading “Zuckerberg said on the modernization of Facebook since the intervention of Russia”

The divers swam in Hawaii with a record great white shark

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Great white sharks can grow to huge sizes. In Hawaii, divers removed the video as they swim near representative of this species the record size.

For divers in Hawaii, it could be an incredible discovery to swim with this dangerous predator, and even that huge. A group of divers near Oahu followed tiger sharks that fed on decomposed sperm whale, when they discovered the great white shark about 6 feet in length. It is believed that this is the legendary Deep Blue, which is the oldest white shark in the world.

“I have no words; it’s awesome; it is probably the most delicate, beautiful species I have ever seen” – said the head of a group of diver ocean Ramsey (Ocean Ramsey). Marine experts looking at her photos and confirmed that it was a Deep Blue.

In 2014, the Discovery magazine published an article about Deep Blue, which said that the shark – the largest individual of the species, its length is more than 6 meters, and age is at least 50 years.

For data centers Google’s in Alabama and Tennessee will build the entire field of solar panels

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Largest solar farm to Google data centres will be built in Alabama and Tennessee.

Representatives of Google announced that one of the world’s largest solar panel projects in Alabama and Tennessee is underway, and these solar fields are being built to ensure the operation of data centers of the search engine in each state.

Together they will generate up to 413 megawatts of electricity at the peak is equivalent to the total volume of 65,000 solar home systems on the roofs. Two States will establish a 1.6 million solar panels. Farms are being built by the company NextEra Energy Resources.

Filming the second part of “It,” bill Skasgard intimidated by all the actors

Photo: AmericaRU.com / Wikipedia

The second part of the horror film “It” by Stephen king book remains in the list of the most anticipated films of the year. But the shooting is still ongoing – now grown-up characters in a performance of Hollywood stars have to win Pennywise 20 years after the events of the first part.

The star of “split” and “X-Men” James McAvoy (James McAvoy), who plays the role of a grown-up bill, admitted that clown Pennywise in the second part of “It” will be worse. According to him, the actor Jill Skarsgard, son of the famous Stella Skarsgard (“Dogville,” “Thor”), reincarnated into a monster, scaring the entire crew.

“He’s gorgeous. Bill is a great guy, but he scares me to death,” admitted McAvoy.

“I never liked clowns as a child, but I’m an adult. We together with other actors, older people, doing amazing things on the court, but he sneaks us very much. He frightened us,” he said.

In the sequel to “It” also stars Jessica Chastain, bill, bill Hader, James Ransone and others.

“It’s such a thrill” Zelensky said, how to choose gifts for March 8

Zelensky: Flowers, Breakfast, definitely a gift. Photo: BBC

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on international women’s Day will not be ignored by any of his female relatives.

About gifts for the family, the head of state said in comments to the program “Windows-news”.

Zelensky will be sure to celebrate this holiday, which considers almost family.

“Flowers, Breakfast, definitely a gift. If you’re not nearby, for example, I have a mother … at least a phone call. I always order flowers. I love these moments when I can buy something and give. It’s a possibility, it’s such a thrill, I never know what to get. I go to one store, second, third and find. I always choose the eyes,” shared the family tradition of celebrating the President.

The family of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky don’t like the limitations that imposes on their lives his work.
“It’s hard. They don’t like my job,” said Zelensky in an interview with The Guardian.


The judge gave the victory to Barcelona

Barcelona with new coach is still not impressive. photo: EPA

“Barcelona” defeated “real Sociedad” in the next match of the championship of Spain – 1:0. With the help of an arbitrator, the Catalans came back in the first place. The winning goal was scored by Lionel Messi.

Torment Barcelona under their new coach Quique Setien continue. In the match of the 27th round of the championship of Spain the Catalans with difficulty put the squeeze on at home, real Sociedad 1:0, scoring the only goal in the 81st minute. From a penalty scored by Messi. According To “Today”.

In the match against Sociedad judge Jose Munuera, literally pulled by the ears “Barcelona”. The referee after watching the VAR has appointed 11-metre in favour of the hosts for playing a hand at Mikel Oyarzabal, closing his eyes for offside in the attack from the midfield of the Catalans and Vidal.

In addition, the arbitrator of a match “Barcelona” – “real Sociedad” for another 30 minutes, had to remove from the field Messi. Argentinian, roughly stepping on the foot of the contender, has earned the first in club career red card. But the referee that the foul did not show Leo even a yellow card.

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Hard-won victory lifted Barca in the first place, but real Madrid, two points behind, have a game in hand.