“Ukravtodor” on the criticism tender methods: the roads proposed to lay paving slabs

Alexander Kubrakov about the new technique of “Ukravtodor”: “a tool of risk minimization”. Photo: zi.ua

A new methodology for road tenders will minimize the risks during the construction of motorways and high demands on contractors – the need to implement changes in the industry.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote the head of “Ukravtodor” Alexander Kubrakov, commenting on criticism of new guidelines for procurement, presented last week.

According to bridge to the river, his team was looking for a tool that would allow to regulate the development of tender documentation services in the areas of roads, helped to minimize the risks of corruption and prevent the loss of time and money for unscrupulous contractors. This instrument became the standard tender documents.

Kubrakov noted that “Ukravtodor” criticized for the requirement for prospective contractors to confirm their experience.

“Indeed, why would we not be allowed to work any companies who are willing to explore state funding? No kidding, I met one of the marketers who say – we will participate in the tender, and how to win – purchase equipment, gravel, hire workers. Startup of the year”, – said ironically Kubrakov.

According to him, one of the authors of the campaign against the methodical recommendations “Ukravtodor” offered to put the road paving tile. “Really, why do we need these standards and metre road pavement. [If we have] One”, he added.

“Even worse, “Ukravtodor” wants to know where are the capacities for the production of asphalt mixes. Because the technology mix should be transported to the place of repair is not more than 3 hours, otherwise a loss of quality. Who will it be accountable? There is one technical caveat. Asphalt plants can be moved, it is not technically difficult, although it takes time. Let’s count – tender will be held in April, 10 days before the signing of the contract. Immediately, unfortunately, to take and to carry the plant impossible. The company still needs to find a place under placement of this plant (must be arranged, for example, sanitary-protective zone). Then – to obtain permission to use the land on the emissions of pollutants (this may take from 2 to 6 months), with a pace realistic to set the plant in September. Hi, the end of the construction season”, – said Kubrakov.

According to him, to any contractor open to other opportunities – you can rent a factory from another company, to enter into a lease agreement, the supply agreement.

“Is criticized bid security in the form of Bank guarantee full financial coverage for these obligations. For example, if the expected value of the procurement will be 1 billion UAH. providing up to 50 million UAH, which should be frozen on the account. I am sincerely pleased with this criticism. The fact that “Ukravtodor” is at least some leverage against the contractor, his willingness to invest in the work and really to follow them, is regarded as a form of discrimination,” said the head of “Ukravtodor”.

He noted that “Ukravtodor” ready for dialogue with all interested market participants, as the discussion of methodical recommendations still in progress in the framework developed jointly with the Ministry of economy working group.


Donica 38 points helped the “Dallas” beat “San Antonio” (video)

Luke Doncic / photos EssentiallySports

NBA. The regular season.

“Washington” – “New York” 122:115 (36:31, 18:39, 33:17, 35:28)

Washington: Beal (40 + 7 assists – 5 turnovers), Napier (21), Bryant (14 + 10 rebounds), Hachimura (12 + 7 rebounds), Robinson (0) – start; Bertans (11), Wagner (10), brown ml. (9), Pasechnik (0), Payton II (0), Mathews (5), Schofield (0)

“New York”: Randle (16 + 6 fouls), Barrett (16 + 4 steals – 5 turnovers), Gibson (10), Harkless (4), Peyton (3) – start; Portis (20), Knox (0), Robinson (10), Relicina (20 + 10 assists), Ellington (6), bullock (10)

“Indiana” – “Boston” 111:114 (22:30, 28:29, 30:35, 31:20)

“Indiana”: Sabonis (28 + 9 rebounds + 8 assists), Oladipo (27 + 7 rebounds), Warren (22), Turner (16 + 8 rebounds + 4 blocstop), Holliday (4) – start; Holliday (8), Sampson (0), McConnell (2), Sumner (4)

Boston: Tatum (30 + 4 steals), Hayward (27 + 10 rebounds), theis (20), Smart (16) Walker (11) – start; Ocala (3), Williams (0), Kanter (2 + 7 rebounds), Wanamaker (5), Langford (0)

“Houston” – “Minnesota” 117:111 (26:35, 26:21, 31:24, 34:31)

Houston: harden (37 + 7 assists), Westbrook (27 + 7 assists + 4 steals, 6 turnovers), Covington (10 + 7 rebounds), house (4), Tucker (3 + 11 rebounds) – start; green (3), rivers (11), Gordon (16), Maclemore (6)

Minnesota: Russell (28 + 4 steals, 6 turnovers), Hernangomez (18 + 10 rebounds), Reid (11), Okoge (7), Beasley (5) – start; Johnson (16), Layman (9), McLaughlin (5), CULVER (12), Newell (0)

“Chicago” – “The Cleveland” 108:103 (27:29, 27:23, 24:26, 30:25)

Chicago: white (20 – 9 losses), Carter (17), Markkanen (15), Valentine (15), Harrison (8 + 10 rebounds) – start; young (8), Gifford (5), porter (15), Stranski (5 + 8 rebounds)

Cleveland: Sexton (26 – 5 losses), Drummond (21 + 7 rebounds, 6 turnovers), Love (17 + 8 rebounds + 7 assists), Osman (9), Dellavedova (8 + 8 assists) – start; nance, Jr. (16), McKinney (6), Mooney (0)

“San Antonio” – “Dallas” 119:109 (27:29, 27:30, 29:26, 36:24)

“San Antonio”: Aldridge (24 + 4 blocstop), Liles (14 + 11 rebounds), white (14 + 7 rebounds + 9 assists + 4 blocstop), Derozan (13 + 12 assists), Forbs (7) – start; of Eubanks (0), gay (17), Johnson (2), mills (12), Belinelli (16)

“Dallas”: Doncic (38 + 7 rebounds + 8 assists – 5 turnovers), Hardway younger (20 + 7 rebounds), Finney-Smith (15), Porzingis (9 + 12 rebounds), Lee (2) – start; Kleber (12), Jackson (2), Marjanovic (4), Wright (7)

“Memphis” – “Orlando” 115:120 (35:27, 28:23, 23:35, 29:35)

“Memphis”: Valanciunas (27 + 16 rebounds – 5 losses), Morant (21 – 5 losses), Brooks (21), Melton (7 + 7 rebounds), Anderson (3) – start; Tolliver (5), Jeng (5), Jones (9), Koncar (2), Jackson (15)

Orlando: Vucevic (19 + 11 rebounds + 7 assists), Fultz (14), Gordon (8 + 7 rebounds + 9 assists), Ennis (7), Avondo (7) – start; Clarke (0), Bamba (5 + 7 rebounds), Augustine (16), Carter-Williams (20), Ross (24)

“Portland” – “Phoenix” 121:105 (36:28, 18:25, 28:25, 39:27)

Portland: Lillard (25 + 7 assists), Ariza (22), McCollum (22), Anthony (21), Whiteside (16 + 14 rebounds) – start; Swanigan (0), Gabriel (0), Hasona (8), little (2), Trent, ml (0), Simons (5)

Phoenix: Booker (29 + 9 assists), Saric (24 + 11 rebounds), Rubio (21 + 9 assists – 5 turnovers), bridges (8), Baines (7) – start; Diallo (8), Okobo (0), Carter (8 + 7 rebounds), Jerome (0)

The Lakers – “Brooklyn” 102:104 (33:27, 25:29, 22:31, 22:17)

Lakers: James (29 + 12 rebounds + 9 assists), Davis (26 + 8 rebounds), Bradley (10), green (6), McGee (4) – start; Morris (0), Kovalev (14), Rondo (3), Caldwell-Pope (7), Caruso (3)

“Brooklyn”: Dinwiddy (23 + 7 assists), Levert (22 + 7 rebounds), Harris (12), Jordan (8 + 12 rebounds), Chandler (5) – start; Prince (7), Allen (3 + 7 rebounds), Chiozza (11), Luwawa of Gabarro (13)

“The Golden State” – “Clippers” 107:131 (26:35, 22:41, 29:35, 30:20)

“The Golden state”: Wiggins (21), criss (10 + 10 rebounds), Lee (8), Mulder (3), Toscano (0) – start; of Pascal (12 + 7 assists), Bender (23 + 7 rebounds), Bowman (11), Poole (17), Randle (2)

Clippers: Leonard (23), Beverley (15), George (15), Morris (9), Zubaz (4, 12 rebounds) – start; Patterson (6), green (13 + 10 rebounds), Harrell (14), Jackson (16), Macgruder (4), Semet (10), Coffey (2)


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The start of the playoffs UHL. The Ice Wolves – “White Leopard”. Live stream (video)

Photo: NF

On Wednesday 11 March in Kiev will be held the first match of the 1/4 finals of the playoffs of the Ukrainian hockey League – Paris-Match between “Ice Wolves” and “White Bars”.

At the end of the regular season the teams took 5th and 4th places in the standings respectively.

Watch the live stream on the website XSPORT.ua starting from 17:30.


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Stevenson: “I Want to give an even better fight than Lomachenko when he broke Marriage”

Shakur Stevenson / Photo – 15Rounds

Champion WBO Featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson (13-0, 7 KO’s) his next fight will be against former rival Vasyl Lomachenko (14-1, 10 KO’s) Miguel’s Marriage (29-3, 25 KO’s). American confident that it can defeat the Colombian more confident than the Ukrainian. The words of Stevenson leads Boxing Scene:

“I know that Marriage is still a strong contender. He has 29 wins and 25 knockouts. He fought with serious opposition, and gave her a fight. He almost won against a top opposition. So this is a good option for me to stay in rhythm. Want to give a better fight than Lomachenko when he beat Marriage. For me this would be easy. It’s my job, I get paid for it.”

Recall, Stevenson said he will be rooting for Lopez in a fight with Lomachenko.


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Malinovsky remained in reserve for the Champions League match

Malinovsky remained in reserve for the Champions League match
21:26 W, 10 March 2020, the Telegraph isport.ua sports news:Became known starting lineups Atlanta and Valencia in the match of 1/8 final of the Champions League.

The head coaches of Atalanta and Valencia decided on the starting lineups of the second leg match of the 1/8 finals of League of Chelpanov.

Ukrainian midfielder Atalanta Ruslan Malinovskiy start the game on the bench.

Valencia: Cillessen, Vass, Coquelin, Of Duhabi, Gaia, Kondogbia, Soler, Parejo, F. Torres, Gameiro, Rodrigo.

Atalanta: Sportiello, Jemsite, Caldara, Palomino, Hatebur, Gosens, De Ron, Freuler, Gomez, Pasalic, Iličić.

Malinowski was not released to the national team of Ukraine

The match Valencia – Atalanta will take place without spectators and will start at 22:00 Kyiv time. In the first match of Atalanta convincingly won with the score 4:1. Continue reading “Malinovsky remained in reserve for the Champions League match”

The bill on the national referendum: Razumkov pending “as soon as possible”

The bill on the national referendum: Razumkov pending “as soon as possible”
21:25 W, 10 March 2020, the Telegraph UNIAN Photo: lying news from Ukraine:Razumkov believes that the law on the national referendum will be adopted at the current session of Parliament.

The law on the national referendum will be adopted at the current session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

This was announced by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The first law of the so-called package of laws on democracy will be introduced in Parliament, and I hope will be considered as soon as possible. This is a bill on national referendum”, – he said.

According to Razumkov, the bill to adopt in the first and second reading “is theoretically possible in a month of work of the Parliament”. Continue reading “The bill on the national referendum: Razumkov pending “as soon as possible””

Another Champions League match will be held without spectators

Another Champions League match will be held without spectators
21:21 Tue, 10 March 2020, the Telegraph Sports arena sports news:In the first meeting Bayern defeated opponent on the road.

The return match of 1/8 final of the Champions League Bayern vs Chelsea will be held without spectators. The government of Bavaria has decided to prohibit the holding of events with more than 1000 spectators until April 19. The terms of the ban are subject to change.

They did not inform UEFA. The match will be allowed only to employees involved in its implementation. Bayern will return the fans money for tickets purchased.

The decision on the other matches that Bayern has to hold until April 19, pending. Continue reading “Another Champions League match will be held without spectators”

What happens to the exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble due to the oil war between Russia and the Saudis

February seriously undermined the ability of national Bank to maintain the exchange rate.

The game against the NBRB market was worth 0.5 billion USD per month of trading. How high is the pain threshold of the authorities, after which the course will go into a chaotic swimming? Write about it banki24.by.

On Friday and Saturday, several events occurred that greatly affect the exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble in the short term. First, on Friday a resounding failure, ended the meeting of the countries-exporters of oil of the OPEC in the format+. Parties are unable to agree on the extension of restrictions on the production of black gold even for the next quarter.

The main stumbling block was the position of the Russian government. Russian officials believe that their country has more to lose from the extension of the restrictions than gains. Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that “the Saudis, the situation is much worse.” According to Siluanov, due to the record gold reserves and accumulations in reserve funds of the Russian Federation will be able to win in a price war with the monarchies of the Persian Gulf.

According to the head of Ministry Alexander Novak, the RF output of the oil agreement OPEC+ will allow Russian companies to increase production by 0.3 million barrels per day. Because of the failure of Friday’s talks, the limits on the world oil market will be removed after 3 weeks from 1 April.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has dealt the first blow to Russia. Bloomberg reports that the Saudis can increase production from the current 9.7 to 12.5 million barrels per day and it is much more than Novak to RF. In addition, the extraction of synchronous raise the remaining monarchies of the Persian Gulf. Together with Saudi Arabia they are supplied in amount of 14 million barrels a day.

State company Saudi Aramco announced unprecedented discounts to buyers of Arab oil to Europe. Since April, the Arab Light grade will sell at a discount to Brent indicative 10,25 USD per barrel. Last week exchange trades on Brent crude closed at for 45.48 USD per barrel. Thus, the Saudis offer European consumers a discount of more than 20% from current prices.

According to Bloomberg, the same tactics will follow the other oil monarchies of the region. The American edition believes that the Saudis throw the gauntlet to Russia and intend to oust the position of the Urals in the European market.

Meanwhile, in Belarus, the national Bank revealed statistics about the size of the gold reserves and the situation on the currency market. In February, the official reserve assets decreased by 438,2 million USD. However, the decline in reserves was partially mitigated by rising gold prices. With the exception of the NBRB gold lost more — 475,6 million USD. Just over a month, the regulator has lost almost 5% of gold reserves. According to the calculations of the national Bank, for 2 months in 2020, the government and the NBRB paid in foreign currency debt of USD 940 million (compared to USD 1.081 bn in the same period in 2019). The size of the gold reserves since the beginning of 2020 decreased by USD 589 million, while in 2019 — only 62 million USD.

This suggests to the decrease of gold reserves led to the purchase of currency on the domestic market. In a press release on the state reserves, the national Bank indicated that it had ceased to be a buyer of currency and has become a seller. The exact size of demand for the currency is difficult to establish: the NBRB deliberately publish limited amount of statistics and partial data.

While it is possible to say that the population of 3 consecutive months is a net buyer of currency. During this time, individuals acquired from banks 216 million USD. In February, the net demand for cash currency has set a record for 54 months.

Individuals are not bought so much currency since the collapse of the ruble in August 2015. A resident enterprise show the net demand for foreign currency 4 months in a row. During this period they bought from the banks 497 million USD. In General, the situation of excessive demand in the foreign exchange market for banks and the NBRB was the worst since August-2015.

Until the end of March the supply of currency on the domestic market is likely to remain limited. Saved small download of a raw material refinery, there is no contract for the supply of potash fertilizers to China, there is a drop of product marketing giants of the type BelAZ and Gomselmash. Due to adverse market conditions, the Ministry of Finance has postponed placement of Eurobonds.

Analysts: Oil at $20 is really

The forecast for the oil market even more deplorable.

The price of Brent crude could fall to $20 per barrel, informs Bloomberg referring to the forecast of analysts of the American investment Bank Goldman Sachs.

To this conclusion they came, having tested at what price level will be able to work some manufacturers. In addition, the Bank lowered its forecasts for the second and third quarter, assuming that the cost of a barrel of Brent will not exceed $30.

Goldman Sachs analysts have attributed the collapse in oil prices with the collapse of the oil deal between Russia and OPEC, as it became known on March 6.

“We believe that OPEC and Russia this weekend started a price war,” — said in the report.

According to analysts of the Bank, now forecast for the oil market “even more deplorable, since we are talking about a significant drop in demand for oil due to the coronavirus,” quoted experts RBC.

In Belarus cost of monopoly?

Illustrative photo

The lack of competition creates hothouse conditions for state-owned enterprises.

In Belarus, competition is not going smoothly, although she is known to be the basis for the development of the entire economy. First of all, the creation of competition in the country is hindered by the dominance of the public sector.

“We still have to prove what the advantages of competition and explain why it is needed,” – said at the seminar of the Center for economic research and outreach of the national Bank the head of the company YUNITER Roman Osipov, writes ej.by.

According to him, the argument that competition is the engine of progress, a mechanism that increases the efficiency of business entities, crash all the time on the criticism related to the fact that the competition may be affected state-owned enterprises, which we have positioned as socially-oriented.

“The public sector bear the social burden, and it is always the main argument when it comes to competition,” said Roman Osipov.

Meanwhile, the expert admitted that no assessment, what is actually the volume of social assistance of the state-owned enterprises.

“Now, I think, is very scanty, if you compare with what it was five years ago, and today much of it is just words,” – said Osipov.

The lack of competition leads to favorable conditions

Competition forces to change something in your business, and to change something – it essentially means innovation, drew the attention of the head of YUNITER.

“As we foster innovation in state enterprises? All of our hospedarte working on indicators, he said. – Although the meaning of innovative products that it sold to grow its share of the grocery range.”

Osipov added that we do not.

“If we follow the fate of these innovative products on state-owned enterprises, they subsequently decay and after two or three years remain the same Soviet products, which is always kind of like okay sold. The reason for this prescriptive method and the performance,” – said Roman Osipov.

The lack of competition leads, in the opinion of the expert, to favorable conditions for state-owned enterprises, the lack of pressure on management from the point of view of introducing modern technologies.

“So, for example, we calculated how many dollars of dairy industry enterprises to earn with the processing of one liter of raw milk. It turned out, private companies exhaust is 1.4 times greater than that of the state”, – said the head of YUNITER.

Osipov said that this did not happen at the expense of more complex machines and mechanisms or trading houses, but at the expense of innovation, operate the brand.

The situation is similar in other industries.

The cost of monopoly?

Osipov asked whether, in his view, to achieve competition without privatization.

The expert cited the example of the situation in the insurance sector.

“If we compare the ratio of collected insurance premiums in Belarus to GDP, we get 1%. Why so few? Because the five largest insurance companies in the state. They all live in a hothouse environment, getting compulsory insurance”, – he said.

“Whether privatization of Belgosstrakh and other insurance companies in order to develop the insurance market and to reach at least 2% of GDP? You can do without privatization, it is only necessary to liberalize the insurance market. But again interferes with the thesis that the service performs social functions, works in villages, etc.” – said Roman Osipov.

According to the expert, the monopolization of the industry has led to the fact that there are no investors, there are no interesting products, they do not offer, develop, and nobody wants to change anything.

“Therefore, the development of equal competition, privatization, development of competition is still to create such market conditions that the private sector felt more confident, was able to predict something and to work”,- said the expert.

The rejection of monopoly and development of competition entered into Roman Osipov, give GDP growth per year of 1.3-1.5%.