The government of Lebanon voted to default on Eurobonds

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This is the first default in the history of Lebanon.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diyab announced that the country is unable to repay the debts on Eurobonds. According to the schedule, the payment was scheduled for March 9, but the government voted unanimously to default. Thepage writes about this, citing Reuters, reports

It is noted that the government is ready to start talks with creditors on debt restructuring.

“Lebanon is on the verge of becoming the first country in the world on the level of debt, it is already 170% of GDP. According to world Bank estimates, 40% of the Lebanese people can be in poverty,” said the Prime Minister.

In March, Lebanon had to pay on Eurobonds of $ 1.2 billion in April, $ 700 million in June and $ 600 million Is the first default in the history of Lebanon.

It was reported that Lebanon is experiencing the worst economic crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war years.

According to world Bank estimates, Lebanon is experiencing a recession and warns that the number of people living in poverty may increase from a third to a half of the population. The economic downturn coincides with an anti-government protest movement , which remains mobilized on October 17. The protesters are demanding the elimination of the political class, which they perceive as incompetent and corrupt.

The tax authorities already have a base income of the Belarusians, but want to expand it

They also told where to get information about the income of the Belarusians.

Authorities have repeatedly announced plans to create a database with extended information on the income of the population. Tax specialists said that such a database already exists, it is about its addition. While it includes information on income from the sale of real estate and transport, as well as on remittances from abroad. However, the authorities are thinking to add in the database also information on wages, transfers

As has told on a press-conferences the chief of Department of the taxation of physical persons of the Ministry of taxes and levies Mikhail Rassolko, “base of the income tax authorities have created, we are talking about its content.” Now it will automatically get data on income from the sale of real estate (they submit to the State property Committee), sales of vehicles (traffic police) and remittances from abroad (banks, post office, money transfer systems).

— Today we considered the question of loading the information about the income people receive for work, — said Mikhail Rassolko. — This work is aimed at creating citizens of the possibility to stop contact for references to any authorities or other state authorities not to compel citizens to contact for references. Accordingly, if you need information about the income of the citizen, the citizen may in a private office to obtain the appropriate information, print and use it.

Earlier in the MNF said that you want to include in the database information about all types of accrued income, not just salary, but also dividends, interest on Bank deposits and more.

The information that now exist in the database can also be useful for Belarusians. On the basis of pre-filled tax Declaration in electronic form. Accordingly, any person can log in to your personal office on the website of the revenue (this should be a time to come with your passport to any branch of the tax authorities and obtain a username and password), to form a Declaration on the basis of available information, to verify it, if necessary, to complete and submit online.

The tax authorities voiced the idea of creating a base at least 2018. It was assumed that it will start from 1 January 2019, but later the launch was postponed at the beginning of 2021. Now the establishment of such a database is listed in the rationale for inclusion of bills in a training plan for 2020, published on the website of the National centre of legislation and legal research.

The income of “Gazprom” fell sharply earlier in the year

In January, the Russian gas company has exported only three billion dollars.

In the first month of 2020, the income of “Gazprom” on export of gas fell by 41.1% to three billion dollars, reports TASS with reference to data of the Federal customs service of Russia.

Physical exports for the same time decreased less – by 11.9% to 18.3 billion cubic meters.

Low on supplies of “Gazprom” in the beginning of the year affected how the abnormally warm winter and a record amount of gas accumulated in European underground storage.

TNA Carol stnaley, Chim pogertvovala through coronavirus, fenati in rospach

TNA Carol,

today, 11:00

Vdoma Ukrainian space, coach show “Golos Krainy” TNA Carol oborny radovati fantv a new snimkami in Instagram. Znamenitosti pohvalila nespak speculum way pazouki on the chorno-blame Qadr in obsahujuci mini-sucn s deep neckline, gralevo dangling straps I bared Plec. So, the actress agrosila stanovleniem not niprint novena, after using the quarantine in the Ukraine, POV’yazanyy s coronaviruses COVID-19, I had to move right 19 concerts, zaplanowana in Berezin on June will.

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Friends! Z causes the entered quarantine in the country, 19 concert, that povinn Buli Budisa in Berezin, transferring. Novi dati concerts you can pobachiti, or. All receipts, kuplen as — disn. Berio odne one i be zdorov! ⠀ Berdyansk 25 may 26 may 27 may Energodar Cam anske 28 travnia Maltopol 29 travnia Pokrovsk Truskavets 01 June 02 June 03 June Radyvyliv Dubno 04 Chervonograd red 09 red 10 red Kovel, Volodymyr-Volinsky 11 June, Lutsk Rivne 12 June 14 June 15 Zhmerynka red Mogilov-dear visitors 16 red 17 red Uman, Bila Church 20 21 SML Cherven Cherven Cherven Alexandra 22 Gorn Plan 23 June Mirgorod 28 June Burshtin 29 Cherven Cherven district center 30 Valley 01 Novi Rozdl on July 02 lipnya Solow ⠀ #tinakarol

A post shared by Tina Karol (@tina_karol) on Mar 12, 2020 at 11:19am PDT

Z causes the entered quarantine in the country, 19 concert, that povinn Buli Budisa in Berezin, transferring.
Novi dati concerts you can pobachiti, or. All receipts, kuplen as — disn. Berio odne one i be zdorov!”, – podolasia emotsii Carol. Follower not held povs I pocha Patrimoine Krasny: “Beregi yourself 🙌🏻”, “Bednenko..strike concerts, Tobi Saloniki💋”, “beautiful Yak🤤💔”, “Nocca, Beregi yourself❤ on!!!”, “Owwwwww TSI spouse straps🤤🤤”, “Deanna❣ my butt”, “Krasivaya 😍😍😍 Sonechko ☀ app, Wauuuuu😍”, “Cecam❤ this nekrasivska ❤this😍”.

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Obov’yazkovo papishes on our channel Viber, not dwellers of propustiti niccas

As “Know.ia” respond about those scho Nastya Kamenskih zrobila self in dzerkal I zaintrigovala plans for the future.

Also An lorac versile show chergova self z cars.

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Care threatening Mustache before BOM – noblejas viyna

Derek Chara, Getty Images

today, 10:59

Cabsolute champion of the world from waiki was Oleksandr Usyk (17-0, 13 KO’s) held nastupni Biy against Derek Care (32-9, 23 KO’s).

Biy Mustache – Care budesa 23 Travnya on aren O2 in London.

Oftiny poster fight the Tendril – Care,

Derek Cara prokomentiroval maibutne Podenok, pakesley scho Ukrainian sichov on Yogo teritory.

Moreover, Care Hoca postitve Barb for Britannia To Bellew.

“Noblejas viyna. The tendril wage scho Mauger go in NSW category I viziati s great chlopcem. He can become an absolute world champion in Krusevac, however 23 Travnya dants, Yak TSE – obovate in nokaut from spaventoso heavyweight.

He sayshow on my teritory. I will explain exactly boundary yomu, chomu VIN hawassa in the Perche Waki was. Moreover, I want postitve for Ton Bellew”, – pered words Cari Sky Sports.

Naadam Oleksandr Usyk also podlasia occupancy from the future podenco.

Oleksandr Usyk, K2 promotions

The words of the Mustache, he’s got Namir show sahipligi Biy.

“Biy s Bellew, that vdbase have Manchester from the 2018 year, CCB neimovirna DOSUGA, now I can do the TSE has at times neimovirna aren O2 in London. Meni can’t wait znovu of vistupili before britanskij fans.

In Krusevac I dosag steel, becoming the absolute, now do in such a W way to supervalu Devon. I it is the tsogo wirabuana s Carou. VIN is strong, zhorstky I vytrepali. I’m pam I remember, the Yak CCB fan and devise Yogo poedinok s VTAM Klitschko, VIN is sdavalsa such velichutin.

Now the same vzhe I b yusya s Carou. I pretyy in svom Tabor dwellers show sahipligi Biy 23 travnia”, – pered words Cirrus Sky Sports.

Obov’yazkovo papishes on our channel Viber, not dwellers of propustiti niccas

Nagado, Care stating scho not upevneny scho Cirrus sale to fight W him.

Yak as writing Znayu, Biy Mustache – Care Bulo poperednii zaplanovano on the March, and the next postponed to April through the trauma of a sincere Ukrainian.

Previously reported, that the Tendril Trewavas Livy lkot. The Mustache prostova Qiu parmacy, zaznachiti scho godnic injuries from Demba no.

Yak povidomlyav portal Znayu, Oleksandr Usyk respown, Yak Rozhnov hulgan on vulitsi.

Pid Kisam have snicla yuna of Krasna s zahvalim a look – osoblivi Primate the photo

Photo National pols

today, 10:55

On Civwin be called a few more days rossocuoco nepovnolitni ducio, Yak Villa s home that is not powernoise.

About TSE powders “Kyiv Operativni”.

On Civwin have selis Trubavina, Yagotinskoe area rossocuoco nepovnolitni Kasyanov Dar’k Yu. Known that scho 15-RCNA divchina 11 March of about 18:00 Wisla s home that does not povernulas. Now about a mccauseland nichogo not known that. Phone duchini vdei.

Kasyanov Dar’k I, photo Kiev Operativni

Osoblivi Primate snicla: on the estimation of 15-16 years, rst 165 cm jugarlo stature, oblichchya offline, Ochi SR, Kashtanova hair, up to shoulders. Divchina Bula dagney in cap in Asano presented koloru, jacket dark signage koloru, Stani sportive signage koloru, krowki black coloru s cervone-blow pdorow.

If you drink Duchenko Qiu Chi do you know something about . mccauseland, then the request podoiti about TSE on specjalno LNU 102. It is important to be Yak information, after on the line of life the health duchini.

Attention! #Assumes dytyna!
S. Trubin, Yagotinskiy district, Kyiv region
Yagotinskiy vdienas Paltz…

Geplaatst door Kiev Operational op Donderdag 12 maart 2020

Nagado, as Pid Kiom bessle have snicla 12-RCNA Princesa, tragedy Das Look, Yanenko before ochima

Yak Podolia portal “Know.ia” pid Kiom bessle have snicla 16-RCNA duchonka. Marina Sidorenko Villa s house early Franz 4 March I don’t vdova on zvonki rDNA.

Takozh Know.Eeyore” wrote scho Pid Kisam gone blda divchina in Nintendo, photo I primeti.

The most ardent critics of GMOs almost know nothing about science


Studies show that the most extreme critics of GMOs are least versed in science.

As is well known to anyone who has experienced a heavy conversation at the dinner party, there is a direct relationship between the volume of the voice of man and the fallacy of his knowledge. It seems that this applies not only to political views, but also to genetically modified products. A new study published in the journal Nature Human Behavior, showed that the people most opposed to Gmoa, the least knowledgeable about science.

In a nationwide representative survey of 2,000 American adults were evaluated from 1 to 10 the degree of attitudes toward genetically modified products. Then they were asked whether they are confident in their knowledge of science and genetics. Finally, adults were asked simple questions on basic science and genetics. The results showed that the most vehement opponents of GMOs know almost nothing about the scientific facts concerning genetics.

The growth of dramatic attitudes toward genetically modified foods of objective knowledge about science and genetics decreased, said lead author Phil Fernbach (Phil Fernbach) from the University of Colorado.

How to burn fat naturally?


To lose weight, one must burn more calories than it consumes. However, some natural fat burners can help your body to burn more fat, increasing metabolism or reducing hunger.

In addition, it is necessary to increase the level of physical activity. However, adding some products and ingredients in the diet will significantly accelerate the metabolism, and it is absolutely natural way. First of all, you need to increase the amount of protein in the diet – this will allow you to feel satiety and to support the natural processes of processing of fats in the body.

Polyphenols is a group of chemicals present in many foods, especially in fruits and vegetables. Some studies show that foods rich in polyphenols, may assist in weight loss. It is therefore important to include in the diet apples, pears, grapefruit, turmeric, spinach and broccoli.

Caffeine and green tea have long been known as stimulants – including for fat burning. Consumption of food containing probiotics, will help to support the digestive system and to accelerate the absorption of substances.

Addiction to sugar is a major obstacle to weight loss for many people. To curb the craving for sugar will help fresh fruit and dried fruit.

Гибель 8-летней девочки в парке: есть первый подозреваемый

В запорожском парке отдыха “Дубовая роща” на 8-летнюю Анну Ждан упала двухметровая деревянная скульптура. На следующий день ребенок умер в больнице. Фото:

В деле о гибели 8-летней Анны Ждан в запорожском парке отдыха “Дубовая роща” является первый подозреваемый.

Это – заместитель директора по техническим вопросам, сообщили в пресс-службе областной прокуратуры.

ЧИТАЙТЕ ТАКЖЕ: Горы цветов и море слез: прощаются с погибшей в парке 8-летней девочкой

“Сообщено о подозрении заместителю директора по техническим вопросам Центрального парка культуры и отдыха “Дубовая роща”. В ближайшее время в суд будет направлено ходатайство об избрании меры пресечения в виде содержания под стражей”, – сказано в сообщении.

Решается вопрос об отстранении подозреваемого от занимаемой должности. Следствие продолжается.

В запорожском парке отдыха “Дубовая роща” на 8-летнюю Анну Ждан упала двухметровая деревянная скульптура днем ​​8 марта. Проломила голову, травмировала туловище и конечности. На следующий день ребенок умер в больнице. В парке девочка была с родителями. Залезла на деревянную скульптуру, которая весит под 150 кг. Вдруг та наклонилась и упала на ребенка.


The goalkeeper of “Dynamo” came in “Karpaty”

Vladimir makhanek left “Dinamo” in the status of a free agent. Photo: Alexander Popov

Karpaty Lviv have announced the signing of goalkeeper Vladimir Makhankov.

Makhanek career spent in structure “Dynamo”, where he played for teams u-19 and u-21. Got into the first team, but not played in the Premier League any match.

In March 2020 Makhan’kov received the status of a free agent. On 11 March he signed a contract with Karpaty.

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Karpaty are 12th place in the Premier League. The gap from the second team of Olympique de Marseille is 5 points.