Over the mountain of stinking bones in the middle of the city would not fine – photos, videos

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In the yard of Poltava meat-packing plant leftovers of beef carcasses lying under the open sky. Local residents complain of the stench and aggressive rats.

About the situation Gazeta.ua said the head of state Gospodarevskaya in Poltava region Gennady Pikul.

A collective statement with the request to check the Poltava meat-packing plant registered in the state foods and consumer service of the residents of private houses located adjacent to the company site. People complained about the constant smell that spreads throughout the neighborhood. As well as that suffer from the invasion of rats.

Staff derepressible held an unscheduled inspection and found violations. In particular, the skeletal remains of cattle shed in the yard of the enterprise in violation of regulations.

“This afternoon, the Commission went to the place. I have not yet informed. I think there’s at least an order to eliminate violations. The work of cleaning there was and is now. We gave a deadline to eliminate violations,” – said the chief of regional management of derepressible.

The footage was known on the channel “Poltava TV”.

Bones under the open sky is a fixed fact. But not the fact that the company will be fined. According to Gennady Pikul, if the company quickly removed the smelly remains, the punishment will be.

“The law stipulates that the state Supervisory authority checks, giving an order and a deadline to correct violations. If violations are eliminated, there is no reason to impose a penalty. If the time of the violation does not eliminate, the penalty for them and for non-prescription,” – said the official.

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Under the law, to dispose of the remains of carcasses should be at the expense of the company-processor. This must be signed contracts with the recycling plants. In Poltava was such a one – in Khorolsky district, but now it doesn’t work. The next recycling enterprises are located in Kharkiv and Sumy region.

Mashevsky on the territory of penal colony No. 9 in Poltava region discovered the burial grounds and slaughter of animals paragraph, which operate without permits.


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