“Our reflection in the mirror”: Bakanov chided politicians in the “feeding” of the Joker

“Our reflection in the mirror”: Bakanov chided politicians in the “feeding” of the Joker
16:47 Telegraph Today, the Interfax-Ukraine Photo: Twitter news:Bakanov told about the main threats to security and on the role of prankster, the Joker in the political life of the country.

Fakes and cyber threats are the key challenges for national security, said the head of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov.

“Not to speak of continued aggression in the East of the country, today’s information threats in the first place. Fakes flooded the information space around the world. To understand where the truth and lie is very difficult,” – said Bakanov in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, answering a question on what are now key threats to national security of Ukraine.

The head of SBU emphasized that misinformation destabilizie the situation, and in feykovye field work not only by internal forces.

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Another key challenge Bakanov homeland security named cyber threats.

“Protection of databases, including those that will be the basis of the program “the State of the smartphone” is a priority. Together with the national security Council, Cabinet of Ministers, cyberpowersystem other law enforcement agencies, we are working on this issue. I mean, we are talking not only about devices but also about communication, which must also be protected”, – said the head of the Ukrainian security services.

Responding to a question about whether the Joker “the Joker” one of the evidences of such threats, Bakanov said, “the Joker” is our reflection in the mirror. And then, in my opinion, we should pay more attention to the political culture in Ukraine in General, because food today is “the Joker” by the policy. We all need to change so he just left without a work.”

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Bakanov drew attention to the fact that “the Joker” became a phenomenon and received the followings: “the White knight” “the Dark knight”… But if we change ourselves – they will remain irrelevant”.

The head of the Ukrainian security services did not specify who was behind “the Joker”. “There is a vision, of course. Have current information, but to promote the people who stand behind it, does not make sense”, – he said.

Speaking on whether this process could be externally imposed, Bakanov said: “Yes, we see these pipes.”

In General, according to his words, all these processes “should definitely watch.”

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