“Our policy is not to offer a discussion about the future” – Rybachuk

Oleh Rybachuk: People have to choose for tasks, with a party environment. Photo: Taras Podolyan

Zelensky has the issue with the competence of his new faces. It should be treated in the elections, when seats in the city Council will fight the party. Him and Merkel is not looking for a replacement for their teams anywhere. Shots are brought up within the party.

In an interview with the magazine “Kraina” says Oleg Rybachuk, former Vice Prime Minister for European integration and head of the public organization “Center of joint action”.

“German politicians, arrived in Kiev, wanted to go to the bar where they hang out “public servants”. I was surprised that there was no place. In the West make a career in batches from the bottom. And we have to form a political force, people gather in Kyiv merged into the kernel, and then going to look for farmers on the ground. In such a system there is no place to party bars or parties who live more than two election cycles,” explains the expert.

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In his opinion, the government also formed incorrectly, someone from Bogdan, who Kolomoisky.

“People have to choose for tasks, with a party environment. The office of the President, the government and the leadership of the Parliament was faced with the problem that didn’t exist in the previous government. Not a problem to have a voice. But it is more difficult to develop public policies to overcome problems, not create new ones.
Voters Zelensky perceive positively what he does, because of the inefficiency of his opponents. Poroshenko and his associates drew the terrible pictures complete bezveza and a dollar for 50 hryvnia. This did not happen. Continuing a nationwide competition for who can scare the Ukrainian people. But politicians do not offer a discussion about the future,” adds Oleg Rybachuk.

The full interview with Oleg Rybachuk, read the magazine “Krajina” from January 30.