Oscar 2019: which movies and actors are more likely to get the coveted statuette

Immediately after the announcement of the contenders to win the major film awards of the world, experts began to identify the potential owners of gold figurines.

The lead by quantity of nominations was shared by the films “Rome” and “Mistress”. Each of them claims 10 figurines. Next come the musical remake of “a Star is born” and political drama “Power” – 8 nominations. “Black Panther” will compete in 7 nominations, including “Best film” that will set a precedent among superhero movies.

The shortlist for the Academy is known and is the ability to compare odds of all the nominees. The probability of winning of a candidate introduced Analytics “Favorite Sport”.

Best film

In this category the leader of the movie “Rome” with a coefficient of 1.90. The main competitor in the number of nominations of a film “the Favourite”, a ratio of 10.0, as in the acclaimed film about the band QUEEN – “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Higher chances of winning films “the Green book” – 5.00 “Star is born” – 7.00.

Best Director

With a factor of 1.10 confident can win Alfonso cuarón for the film in Spanish “Rome”. Spike Lee and his” Black Klansman,” according to analysts, could win with odds of 15.00. Less likely the chances, judging by the coefficients 20.0, Adam McKay (“Power”), Pawel Pawlikowski (the Cold war) and Giorgos Lanthimos (“Mistress”).

Best actor

The best chance to win in this category experts give Rami Malek (Freddie mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody”) and Christian Balu (dick Cheney in “Power”) with the same ratio of 2.20. The third is Bradley Cooper and his role of Jackson Maine in “a Star is born” – 7.00. Much less likely that the statuette will go to Willem Dafoe for his work in “van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity” – 35.00.

Best actress

The leaders are Glenn close for the role of Joan Castleman’s film “the wife” is the coefficient of 1.40. Next comes Olivia Colman and her work in “the Mistress” (Queen Anne) with a coefficient of 4.50. The probability of winning for Lady Gaga and her Ellie in the acclaimed remake of “a Star is born” is reflected with odds of 5.00.

Best supporting actor

In this category win, most likely, will get Maharshal Ali for her role in “the Green book” – 1.25. The closest competitors – Richard Grant and his work in the film “Can you forgive me?” – ratio of 5.00. And Sam Elliott in “a Star is born” – 7.00.

Best supporting actress

The statue, according to the forecasts, should go to Regina king for the film “If Beale street could talk” – a ratio of 1.50. Slightly less likely to win Amy Adams from “the Authorities” – 2.70. Third place in the ranking divided the heroine of the film “Mistress” Rachel Weisz and Emma stone (both with odds of 15.00).

Experts have called their favorites. To confirm whether their predictions – find out very soon. Recall, 91st film awards ceremony Oscar will take place on 24 February 2019 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.



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